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W/ BOB & DAVID Pokes Fun at Pop Country Music

The new Netflix series W/ Bob & David has finally arrived and we’re just about done binge watching every single moment out of it. The duo of David Cross and Bob Odenkirk prove that they haven’t lost their special brand of absurdist humor that still manages to make its mark by knocking pop culture down a peg or two.

The music video for Banes and Dunfrey’s “All I Need” says more about modern pop country music than anything has in recent memory. The video pokes fun at the – well, lets face it – “country” personas artists take up in order to appeal to a larger base of country music fans when they are in some cases literally millionaires whose lives are nothing resembling the “simple life” they sing about. In addition, the song also points out the strange habit country artists have for listing things they like or insist they need for a good time or to be the most down-home country person possible.

In the song, the duo lyrically dispel their desire for fancy things (at first) assuring the listener they need only a case of American beer, some barbecue, and some chewing tobacco. It soon turns into quite the literal shopping list for everything Banes and Dunfrey need, putting their fan base in charge of running their errands. The country duo even go so far as to name their album Send To: Banes and Dunfrey 1362 Bishop Street Nashville, TN 37206 (thankfully not a real address) to make it clear they really do want everything on their shopping list.

Cross and Odenkirk have never been shy to lampoon the idea of a the stereotypical southerner. Whether it’s Odenkirk’s “C.S. Lewis Jr.” from Mr. Show or the multiple occasions that Cross has shared his disdain for growing up in the south in his stand-up.

The sketch is the perfect mix of absurdist humor and the just the right amount of ridicule aimed at modern pop country.

We’re so very glad w/ Bob & David is finally here! Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below!

Image: Netflix

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