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VIXEN Returns to the Justice League in a New REBIRTH Special (Exclusive Preview)

VIXEN Returns to the Justice League in a New REBIRTH Special (Exclusive Preview)

Next month, DC Comics is launching their new Justice League of America title; the first Justice League spin-off series from the publisher since the DC Rebirth era began last year. This new JLA is formed as a direct result of the events in the currently running Justice League vs Suicide Squad mini-series, with Batman leading a team consisting of members like Lobo, the Atom (Ryan Choi), Black Canary, the Ray, Killer Frost, and Vixen. Now the Vixen is getting her own special one-shot, Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth, showcasing Mari McCabe’s backstory, in order to introduce her to readers who may not be familiar with her origins.

In the pre- New 52/Rebirth era, the animal powered Vixen was the first African-American member to join in the team’s history. Unfortunately, she joined in the highly mocked mid-’80s “Justice League Detroit,” which was compromised by second tier Leaguers like Elongated Man and Zatanna, and new characters like Vibe, Steel and Gypsy. Although this version of the League didn’t last long, and disliked new members like Vibe and Steel were killed off promptly, Vixen was the exception. She proved to be popular despite all the Justice League Detroit baggage, and became a mainstay of the DC Universe. Now she’s ready to join the all-new Justice League of America once again, some 30 years after the last time she was a member.

You can check out our exclusive preview of the first five pages of Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth #1 in our gallery below.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Jody Houser, Steve Orlando
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Cover Artists: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis

Here’s the official synopsis:

“SPINNING OUT OF THE PAGES OF JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD! She’s one of the country’s most successful businesswomen, an iconic fashion pioneer, a crusader for social justice and an incredibly powerful member of the Justice League of America. But Mari McCabe’s life wasn’t always this way. Follow her path to becoming the heroic Vixen in this crucial special!”

Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth #1  is due to hit stores on Wednesday, January 11.

Excited about Vixen finally getting a second chance in the JLA? Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Images: DC Comics

How we wish she were also in the Justice League Movie.


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