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VIKINGS Recap: In The Uncertain Hour Before the Morning

VIKINGS Recap: In The Uncertain Hour Before the Morning

Grab your Ragnar steed and ride on! We’ve got all the Vikings spoilers just waiting right before you.

Just one man? Not our Ragnar! (Strong Lyanna Mormont vibes felt when they called Ragnar the King of the North) Labelled as the most dangerous man on the earth–or at least in early Europe–Ragnar and Ecbert prove that two strong leaders do in fact cancel one another out, but they also can sure as hell have great in-depth conversations late into the night.


Obviously Prince failure–I mean Aethelwulf–brought all the whiny only-child syndrome drama. Inadequacy issues? Check. Poor decision making skills? Check. Constantly seeking a father’s love? All over the place. Aethelwulf is the complete opposite of Björn, and we’re loving that contrast between these two first-borns.

Luckily our old dearly departed pal Athelstan is brought back up, haunting both Kings with his complex manner in life and death. He was a follower to Ecbert but a true friend to Ragnar–and that matters greatly. Will Ecbert ever gain a BFF besides Ragnar? Athelstan stood for so much too–he made these two devote men of different beliefs start to question their existence and poke at the powers that be, while he was on his own revolutionary quest for answers. One can only hope he reached his heaven, or happily made it to the halls of Valhalla.

So despite all his rage, Ragnar played up the whole rat in a cage situation quite well. All this talk of power and death was too tempting for the both of them. Ecbert’s renowned quest for life, courtesy one visit with the Pope, is about to come crashing down with a single pact–kill King Ragnar and blame it all on grumpy King Aelle, triggering the end of days. Can’t wait to see how Ragnar’s imminent death happens in the next episode, though! (If it’s an off-screen death, I’m rioting!)


And oh! Sweet, naive Magnus– of course Ragnar doesn’t care about your fair existence! He’s got large, bolder things in mind with five larger, bolder Viking sons to boot. Maybe Magnus’ little quest for masculinity will do him some good? If anything it’ll help him against his undisputed  competition–enter the blessed Prince Alfred–another matter indeed! He legit went from this wee cutie to teenage heartthrob. Alfred the Great is basically young Athelstan in every way, and because of that he’s more a son to Ragnar than Magnus will ever amount to anytime soon.

Plus, in a Hollywood Reporter interview with series creator-writer Michael Hirst before season four’s second half, it’s basically confirmed that Alfred–noble son of Athelstan and Judith–will in fact grow up to be played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. “He’s going to be a major player,” said Hirst. “I am thrilled that he’s joined us and I can’t wait to explore his character.” Are you as ready to see this epic Irish charmer in Vikings action as we are?

And then there’s the major occurrence that went down in Kattegat a.k.a. the battle that should’ve never happen concludes unceremoniously. (Welp, there goes my Orestes-esque Ivar theory!) Usurper or usurped, one way or another Lagertha took back what is hers! (Fire and blood much?) The gods will certain either applaud her bold actions or not be so quick to reward her uprising. Kattegat is back in the hands of a capable leader, and here’s hoping it won’t turn on her. (I’m officially counting Ragnar out of the Kattegat equation, seeing as how he’s got a date with the All-Father soon.)

The reign of Aslaug has ended with a swift arrow to the back, meaning Lagertha just randomly murdered a royal and mystical person. (I mean, if you’re gonna tease an epic sword fight between a shield-maiden and Sigurd’s daughter, you probably should’ve delivered! ) And with that anti-climatic event, farewell, mystical Aslaug–seductress, mother, queen, potential witch, and thrower of epic shade. If there’s one thing we all can appreciate from Aslaug, it’s that she came and went in style.

Let’s not forget Astrid–Lagertha’s symbolic owl warrior. Hear me out–Astrid is way cute and fun-sized, but also well-equipped to claw anyone’s eyes out in a second. Her devotion to her lover–dare we say, her bae–Lagertha is serious business. No matter the outcome between the new Queen of Kattegat and the sons of Ragnar, we know Astrid will be there keeping watch.

That’s it for this week! Return next time for the episode 15 recap, “All His Angels.” Leave your Vikings comments below.

Images: The History Channel
GIF: VikingsHistory/Tumblr

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