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VIKINGS Recap: “Death All ‘Round”

Welcome back for episode nine of Vikings season four! Once again please note this recap contains heavy spoilers! We’re feeling a bit disorientated by the fact that the mid-season finale is next Thursday already!

What a wild ride this season has been so far! France won’t be the same after the Northmen are done with it this time around. But, then again, the Vikings won’t walk away entirely unscathed either. For starters, one prophecy from the Seer of Kattegat came true: Lagertha’s miscarriage of her the late Kalf’s child in a foreign land was devastating.

But a defeated Lagertha doesn’t mean a broken Lagertha—every single loss in her life has only made her that much stronger. It’s only appropriate that she continued in such a badass manner, like how she helped push the ships along the way even in obvious pain and discomfort AND suited up for the upcoming fight against Rollo. Long live Earl Ingstad!


Through Floki’s mystical vision, we saw a wrecked Queen Aslaug screaming for Harbard in the pouring rain. Things are tense in Kattegat between Aslaug and her two younger sons, Sigurd and Ivar. Sigurd seems to take after Bjorn more than his own mother, as he continues to question everything with a fondness for life. Ivar, on the other hand, is just as apathetic and demanding as his mother, with little regard for life already. The Lothbrok family is certainly an interesting one.

Making their way one log at a time with a rapidly weakened Ragnar in charge, the raiding Vikings dragged their boats along the countryside. Certainly not an easy task, but if King Ragnar commands it, it shall be done. And behold! They made it to the other body of water just in time! In the midst of this success, Erlendur’s revenge plot through Torvi backfired. Major points to Torvi for taking back her life from her controlling ex and declaring her true love for Bjorn!


It was revealed that Duke Rollo and Princess Gisla will soon welcome a little Prince or Princess to the French court. Gisla’s “sacred condition” further secured Rollo’s French alliance, for now. The newly appointed Count Roland and King Charles’s mistress, Roland’s sister Therese, could only spell disaster for the power couple. But the true threat looming over Rollo’s head is the impending attack from his clearly determined and deranged brother. Who will win this fight?


Little Alfred and Aethelwulf finally made it to Rome to visit their holy father, Pope Leo, while Eckbert was anointed King of all his intended regions in Wessex and Mercia. Alfred was awarded a shine sword bigger than his body and Ecbert got a pointy old crown—two symbolic items that might foretell their not-so-distant futures. Not everyone was happy about Ecbert’s new kingdom. Of course, Judith’s old windbag father had something to complain about. But Ecbert’s speech about change was at least commendable. He understands that there’s a fine line between the past, present, and future. But does that mean he’ll succeed entirely once the Vikings make their way back there? Not a chance. Enjoy it while it lasts, King Ecbert! The Vikings will return one day to raid all your lands!


The next recap for episode 10 will be the last one until the season picks back up for the remaining 10 episodes later this year. So many prophecies left open to interpretation! What do you think will happen to our merry band of Northmen and the remaining “civilized” characters?

Images: The History Chanel
GIF: VikingsHistory/Tumblr

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