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I recently penned an editorial about how the whole of nerd culture could stand an influx of original material to augment the constant repurposing of Star Wars, Marvel heroes, and other all-too-familiar properties. It was called Nerds Need More New Stuff, and I encourage you to read it. That editorial was largely inspired by a short animated film I recently ran across that combined characters from Star Wars with the imagery and style of Japanese anime. As I said in my editorial, I was very much impressed by the animated short, but it made me long to see what the filmmakers could do with their own imaginations, rather than juts re-using George Lucas’ ideas.

If that cartoon sounded tantalizing to you, then I will offer you the chance to watch it right here, right now. As you can see, the style is impeccable, the characterization is great, and the action is exciting. If we are to take this as an audition piece, then I would say these kids pass. Take a gander and leave some comments below.

Indeed, Star Wars fan films have, as I’m sure many of Nerdist’s readers know, become something of a cottage industry, spawning a subculture unto themselves. Star Wars fan films have become so ubiquitous, that George Lucas himself has encouraged their proliferation. There are hundreds crawling around online, and you can lose an entire weekend to

For now, if you can spare the two minutes, gander at this Star Wars film in Robotech style, and enjoy the wonder.


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  1. Oliver says:

    Awesome find!

  2. Ruben says:


  3. James Gilmer says:

    Wish they had pointed out the creator’s name in the article Otaking77077 aka MightyOtaking on DeviantArt aka Paul Michael Johnson. In his last update he makes mention of “something” happening with the animation he can’t take about due to NDA’s, so I’m hopeful we’ll see even more!

  4. Quinton says:

    Brace yourselves… Ignorant comments complaining about the legitimacy of Robotech are coming…

  5. Susel says:

    Why did you say it was Robotech-style?  Not that I disagree but I would like to know your opinion.   I will follow your site via facebook.

  6. Mike says:

    There’s a big problem with this anime. The Imperials are actually hitting things when they shoot…

  7. This amazing Star Wars animation was done by UK artist Paul Michael Johnson. You can see more of his amazing work here:

    He also did the DR Who anime
    This animation was NOT done in a vacuum , So please NAME the Animator when re tweeting. thanks for spotlighting his art

  8. My first thought was “Heavy Metal”, not Robotech.

  9. Ollie says:

    This was done by Paul Johnson. Please credit him accordingly.

  10. Rene Amador says:

    I’m currently working with a young studio called NEWMYTHIC that’s creating a scifi space action series inspired by Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop, and of course SW. We’ve been pitching it as a live action anime, a pilot is currently in post-production. So far everyone who’s worked on it has been a fan and donated their time (including pro actors). People are starved for this type of content, and a lot of talented people want to be part of the next big scifi brand. Ours is called THE MARS SOLUTION, it takes place “After-Colony 55” (Gundam fans should like that 🙂 This summer we’re going to launch a crowdfunding campaign for $50K to complete the post-production. Please let your friends know! You can watch a short teaser here:

  11. Chris says:

    Make a live action Robotech Movie!!!!!!!!!  DOOOO IT!!!!!!!!

  12. TOS1970 says:

    Why can’t SW Rebels be like this?

  13. Caught this solidly produced SW themed anime clip back in 2011 within the YouTube queues, and am just as impressed with it’s seriously toned imagery now as I was then. Great stuff here indeed. 😉

  14. This is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time now. i truly hope they take of with this in a serious way.