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VERONICA MARS, LOST and a Whole Bunch of Other TV Shows Are Celebrating Birthdays Today!

Today, September 22, heralds the kind of sort of beginning of the 2014 fall television season – most of which you can read about thanks to Nerdist’s Managing Editor Rachel Heine – but in addition to being the start of a whole new crop of small screen fare, it also marks a day of celebration. See, in the last two decades, four of our favorite shows were born on this day, and we thought you might want to join us in celebration for the following:

Friends’ 21st Anniversary

West Wing’s 16th Anniversary

Veronica Mars’ 11th Anniversary

Lost’s 11th Anniversary

Does this mean Gotham and The Flash are about to become the next memorable hits? Anything’s possible with the small screen. Many of these shows, particularly Lost, had very little chance of succeeding according to various insiders and executives at the time of their premieres, yet two decades later it’s hard to argue with the mark they left on society.

Television has the power to do amazing things, and these shows are great examples of that. These four series continue to live on today, and with the rise of Netflix and binge-watching, they’re still bringing people together one episode at a time. So who knows what we’ll be celebrating in another two decades from now, but whatever it is, you can rest assured they’ll be in good company.

What show do you think we’ll be remembering 20 years from now? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Kyle Anderson says:

    Also, apparently, FAMILY MATTERS which premiered 25 years ago today.

  2. Laura says:

    You missed Full House! The show premiered 27 years ago today.