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VENOM’s First Reactions Are Mixed, or Fake Reviews by Lady Gaga Fans (Seriously)

If you’ve ever searched Twitter when the embargo for a highly anticipated movie lifts, you know some people strategically use a popular trending topic to sneak in promotion for themselves or something else. That’s a normal social media occurrence. But what happened with the first reactions to Tom Hardy’s Venom is not. Instead of the usual noise, there seems to have been a coordinated effort to bog the film down with highly negative reviews. And who’s behind this effort? Lady Gaga fans. Yeah, Lady Gaga fans (and the bots they’ve created) are trying to boost the opening weekend box office for A Star is Born by dragging down its main competition. Why? Because everyone knows the most likely alternative for moviegoers who were looking forward to a comic book movie about a giant-tongued alien is a serious romantic drama instead. Obviously.

So what do the sincere reviews have to say about Venom? Will audiences lick it up or find it repulsive? It sounds like the answer to that question depends on whether you enjoy a messy, possibly incoherent but fun, pre-MCU style superhero movie.

Our own Hector Navarro landed on the “fun” side of the mixed reviews, as did others who also acknowledged the movie still has issues, many caused by the fact it never totally settles on what it wants to be.

One common theme among these initial reactions is that Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Venom interactions are enjoyable.

Some seem so surprised by the movie it’s hard to tell if they liked it or hated it.

Others weren’t ambiguous about how much they disliked it.

As far as first reactions go, that’s a pretty succinct “no” on the movie, but at least it’s real.

What do you make of these mixed reviews—both the real and fake ones? Tell us in the comments below if it has changed your excitement for the film.

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