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Venom, Sinister Six to Receive Their Own Spider-Man Spin-Offs

The fans asked for it, and now, here it is: The Spider-Man franchise will be stretching beyond Peter Parker on the big screen, as Sony Pictures Entertainment will be giving Venom and the Sinister Six their very own spin-off films. It looks like Sony Pictures is looking to expand the Spider-Man universe in a fashion similar to what Marvel Studios has done with The Avengers, though doing so through the villains’ perspectives differentiates their approach, and I must admit it sounds very intriguing.

A small team of writers and producers that include Roberto Orci, Alex Kutzman, Jeff Pinkner, Ed Soloman, Drew Goddard, Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Marc Webb will be collaborating to bring us a consistent plot and tone throughout the different movies. Orci, Kutzman, and Pinkner already have a foot in the rebooted Spider-Man universe, having wrote this year’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was also produced by Arad and Tolmach. Marc Webb, of course, has directed the first two The Amazing Spider-Man films, and it’s assumed he’ll be back to direct the third one as well, accompanied by the same writers. All of this is sounding fantastic and what not, but the real question is, who do you all think should play Eddie Brock?

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  1. Matthew Shoaf says:

    They could be hinting at Flash Thompson Venom not Eddie Brock

  2. Dan Casey says:

    Honestly, if they want to do this right, they should model it after the fantastic SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN.

  3. JayCG says:

    I just hope they do a better job with Venom’s origin than Sam Raimi. I don’t mind his Spider Man 3 as much as most people, but Venom’s arrival is one of it’s numerous deficiencies.

  4. Mark S says:

    Adi Shankar’s “Venom” short –

    And I have no problem with Ryan Kwanten in the role.

  5. With the crack writing team of Orci/Kutzman, what could go wrong? Ugh. Why are these hacks in-demand Hollywood writers? Transformers and Nu Trek both lowered my IQ a few points just by taking up space in my brain.

  6. ThePlaidMan says:

    @T.Wallace: They’ve done lots of great stories focusing on Spider-Man’s villains in the past. My favorite has always been the early 90’s “Deadly Foes of Spider-Man.” A movie full of superpowered gangsters would totally be worth admission, and it could bring a resolution to all of that Norman Osborne genetic engineering business set up by the Amazing films.

  7. The Big D says:

    Well since Topher Grace was Eddie Brock last time I guess it’s only fitting they give it to Jim Parsons……… I’m kidding of course. Definitely someone bigger that looks more like the comic Eddie Brock, and they need to be a good actor so that disqualifies everyone in the WWE that isn’t The Rock.

  8. Malik Forté says:

    TOM HARDY AS VENOM haha… imagine that

  9. RG says:

    Whoops, unfinished comment…

    I was saying it’s bittersweet because the more movies they make, the less likely it becomes to get it back to the overall Marvel cinematic universe.

  10. RG says:

    Man, bittersweet because it won’t be going back to Marvel.

    That said, I’ve always thought Sam Witwer would make a great Eddie Brock. He always does a great “bitter guy with a facade.”

  11. Chris says:

    Doug Benson

  12. Chris Morse says:

    Why do you assume Venom will be Eddie Brock? I’m hoping for Eugene ‘Flash’ Thompson as Agent Venom!

  13. Dennis says:

    Im thinking someone from the WWE or someone who used to be employed by WWE. Let’s see in the comics Eddie was a bigger guy, a body builder… Let’s put a man in the roll whose life is very similar to his current situation.. A man on the side of good but hated by most…. John Cena of the WWE might be good for that roll. However, cena while has a better physical appearance than Toffer Grace… Someone else who used to be in the WWE Might be better for the roll… Maybe either Brock Leaner or Dave Batista. Their height and muscle mass match that of Eddie before the symbiote too over, and just a little camera work and proper editing will give them venoms physical appearance and muscle mass.

  14. T. Wallace says:

    It could work. Though I think it will be difficult since they are featuring villains. I know Venom does a bit as a anti-hero, but I am not as familiar with the others attempts to do so.