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Vans Unveils Nintendo-Themed Sneakers

Gamers will now have fresh, nostalgia-inducing kicks to sport this summer.

Vans and Nintendo are collaborating to bring a new line of high and low-top sneakers featuring 8-bit NES characters, including Mario, Donkey Kong, and Princess Peach. So far, only eight pairs of shoes have been revealed (via Gizmodo), but more will be shown off in the near future. With an already diverse list of characters being displayed on the shoes, it would be great to get a pink Kirby sneaker. A Mega Man pair of kicks would also be perfect, but, of course, that would require permission from Capcom, so who knows whether that will happen.

You’ll be able to nab the shoes this June. As for pricing, nothing has been officially announced yet, but Vans has released several collaborative shoe lines featuring other pop-culture themes like Star Wars, and those are usually $10 more than their non-themed counterparts. Considering the previous collections also included other clothing items, it makes us wonder whether we’ll soon see the Mario Bros. on Vans’ T-shirts as well.

Nintendo Shoes

With a June launch, this new collection is sure to become very popular E3 garb (starting June 14). Personally, I’ll be going for the Princess Peach Authentic pair, though, the Duck Hunt shoes are also on fleek.

Finally, sneakerheads and gamers have something to unite over! Take a gander at all the designs in the gallery below.

Which pair of kicks do you like the most? Are you planning on getting a pair? What other gaming crossover would you like Vans to have? Is there a Nintendo character you’d like to see get its own themed shoe? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Nintendo, Vans


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