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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Jewelry Inspired by SUPERNATURAL, BIG HERO 6, & More

Nobody panic, but Valentine’s Day isn’t that far away, and I’ve got some suggestions for those of you who want to give jewelry to the men or women in your life. And hey, if you don’t do the Valentine’s Day thing, then just pretend this is a gift guide for the special occasion of your choosing. I personally like “Treat Myself to Something Nice” day; I celebrate it as often as I can.


Supernatural Impala Necklace
I didn’t fall for a car until I saw the 1967 Chevrolet Impala in Supernatural. She has character and is also a character on the series. Etsy seller Geekonista has made Dean’s baby from sterling silver and though the charm comes on a necklace, you could probably change it up and put it on a bracelet. Just don’t beat her up; Dean would be so mad. Be sure to flip through the entire shop for wearable Daleks, spaceships, and more.


Boba Fett Ring
Tell the person you love that they’ve captured your heart (the best bounty) with a Boba Fett ring by Paul Michael Designs. It’s available in sizes for men and women, and you can choose to have it made from sterling silver, white gold, palladium, or a couple of other metals. The helmet features inlaid black synthetic enamel. Paul Michael Designs has a ridiculous number of nerdy options in his shop; just be sure to check process time and add on expedited shipping if necessary.


Baymax Necklace
Make sure the recipient of your Valentine’s Day gift is satisfied with a charming Big Hero 6 Baymax necklace from Etsy seller My Geek Husband. This sterling silver charm is lightweight and lets you keep Baymax near your heart without carrying around a giant plush toy. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. Baymax earrings and a ring are also available, and the shop may just have a pile of cute Guardians of the Galaxy and My Neighbor Totoro pieces. Just saying.


R2-D2 Earrings
I know I’ve already highlighted Star Wars jewelry on this list, but how could I ignore a piece from Her Universe’s R2-D2 collection? These chic earrings go well with any number of outfits and the metal stars and glass beads add a touch of class. Not feeling the light side? Her Universe also offers Darth Vader earrings.


Batman Cufflinks
Goal: Wear more shirts with cuffs so I can understand how to use and wear cufflinks. If your special someone has a similar goal or already dons cufflinks, geek them up. Etsy seller Jack Accessories has several steel designs available from Batman, to Superman, to Halo. On second thought, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t wear cufflinks because I can see how it would be all too easy to accumulate a ton of them.


Frankenstein’s Monster and His Bride Earrings
Celebrate a different kind of love by gifting earrings that feature Frankenstein’s monster and his bride. These laser cut portraits from Unpossible Cuts are available in five different shades. If you want to give these with another horribly precious pair of earrings, the shop also has a pair with a zombie and brains. Because of course.


Sandor Clegane Helmet Ring
When you make a list of romantic characters in television and film, the Hound from Game of Thrones probably doesn’t cross your mind. And if he does, I’m dying to know more. Anyway, any fan of the epic series will probably appreciate an off-the-wall ring like this sterling silver one. It’s made to order by Etsy seller Archipelagos Breeze, and they have a plethora of other Game of Thrones pieces available if Sandor Clegane’s helmet isn’t for you.


Marvel Earrings
It’s official. Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America are perfect in chibi form. These earrings come bundled together so you can wear a different hero four days of the week. For more variety, you can mix and match and pair one Iron Man earring with one Cap, Thor and Hulk, etc. These are available at Hot Topic, and they also have accessories for Disney and DC Comics characters.


Nerdist Earrings
What better present for the Nerdist fan in your life than a pair of Nerdist earrings. I’m biased, sure, but I do think they’re rather spiffy. They’re just the right size and the fact that they’re sterling silver means they go with almost any outfit. Gift them with a burrito.

I basically just added one of everything to my wish list. When will I learn that writing gift guides is dangerous business? Head to the comments and let me know if you’ve added any geeky jewelry to your V-Day shopping list!

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  2. Lily says:

    Geek OUTlet! on Etsy has geek themed jewelry for a lot of fandoms

  3. Mori says:

    Check out as well – they have great geeky earrings (and other stuff) from Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Doctor Who and lots more. (No, I don’t work for then, I just think they have some really great stuff)

  4. Kim says:

    I have a huge assortment of handmade one of a kind “nerdie” gifts in my etsy shop.

  5. jared says:

    Those nerdist earrings would make amazeballs cuff links!