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USA’s WHITE COLLAR To Conclude With A Final Six Episode Season

For the last five seasons, audiences have been riveted by the tale of art thief extraordinaire Neal Caffrey on USA’s caper-drama White Collar. From the pilot episode, viewers were immediately in love with the bromance between the criminal-turned-consultant and his F.B.I. handler, Peter Burke (and Mozzie. Can’t forget Mozzie). From exploding planes to Nazi treasures to the Hope Diamond, White Collar has continued to entertain audiences with the insane New York City adventures of its characters, and that’s why the news of its conclusion comes with such a heavy heart.

According to Deadline, USA is nearing a deal with producing studio Fox TV to shoot and air a sixth and final season of the series, consisting of six episodes, a number that should be just enough to get Neal out of the abduction cliff-hanger we saw him in at the end of season five. While ratings have remained steady, Deadline cites the rising cost of the show’s New York City production to be the deciding factor in the decision.

The conclusion would make the third series finale for USA in two years, following the end of Burn Notice last summer, and next week’s series finale of Psych. While certainly a bummer piece of news, it’s nice to hear USA is really trying to offer fans a proper conclusion to their favorite shows.

Now if only they could re-do the endings of The Dead Zone and The 4400.

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  1. Valerie says:

    I have been a massive WC fan from the beginning, even met all the writers. Frankly, the show hasn’t been the same since USA decided to move away from its staple of “blue sky” shows that were their trademark. They think it’s cheaper to move into reality shows and sitcoms and “darker” shows but they can’t compete against the likes of premium cable or broadcast network in that arena. I, and many of my friends who met on twitter via WC & Psych, used to watch every USA show available. Now, we are just sticking around till the end of Psych, WC, Suits and Covert Affairs, then we’re saying adios to the once-great cabler.

  2. Shayde says:

    Kevin, you do realize that comparing the cost of a network show like Big Bang with amazing ratings to a cable show that gets good ratings is really two very different things, right?
    Those human-traffic-accident shows are also really really cheap to produce, thus why there’s a ton of them.
    It is all economics, and we should applaud USA for giving us such good programming like Burn Notice, Psych, and White Collar instead of going the cheap way with some white trash show.

  3. Kevin says:

    To expensive to make? Yet were paying kids to play stupid nerds millions an episodes… something isn’t right.. Tired of good shows ending when they have such large audience…so great we have money for honey boo boo, all the red neck shows. Mtv’s pregnant slut shows and stupid dance moms.. tisk tisk USA

  4. Bethany B. says:

    Aw, that’s too bad. The shows on USA fell off my viewing schedule due to life and the flood of other shows I try to keep up with (and the barrage of Disney Jr that my daughter subjects us to), but they were always fun to watch.

    Good luck to the WC and Psych casts for their final seasons!

  5. Shayde says:

    Neal.. may you fly off into the sunset with Mozzie and a stupid amount of cash/treasures.

  6. gdkool says:

    Rumours were Robert Kirkmans comics Clone and Thieves of Thieves was being made into a tv series.

  7. gdkool says:

    I was all excited when someone sent me the Heroes trailer but what a waste, just the title. heres hoping the new seasons better

  8. Tim says:

    Thanks for “The 4400” shout out! Better than Heroes! (Which is coming back despite no one asking)