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Who needs to wait for San Diego Comic-Con to actually start in order to start making announcements that will have us sighing longingly and already looking forward to future Comic-Cons? Certainly not Columbia Pictures! Following up Marvel’s flurry of future release dates, Columbia Pictures has revealed a slew of release dates for hotly anticipated films Sinister Six, Uncharted, and Amazing Spider-Man 3.

As expected, the next film in the studio’s $4 billion Spider-verse will be Drew Goddard’s supervillainous Sinister Six, the first spin-off film in the Spider-Man series as part of a larger plan to create their own Spider-Man-centric version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The project, which ultimately lead to writer-director Drew Goddard leaving Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series, is set to come out on November 11, 2016, and is being produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach. Now, the real debate — over who will actually comprise the Sinister Six can begin!

Then, Peter Parker will finally swing back into our lives in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which is set to release in 2018. Although director Marc Webb and, presumably, star Andrew Garfield will return for the third iteration in the rebooted series, it will be without one of the series shepherds, Roberto Orci, who revealed that he had left the franchise earlier this month. Considering how infuriatingly bad the last film was, maybe a fresh set of eyes on the project will be what the series needs to stick the landing and reclaim some goodwill for Ol’ Webhead.

Now, you may be wondering what happened to Amazing Spider-Man 3‘s original June 10, 2016 release date. Well, it’s still there, and it’s fittingly been poached by none other than treasure hunter Nathan Drake in the big budget adaptation of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series. Although the film has Seth Gordon to direct and David Guggenheim to pen the screenplay, they’re still searching for the right actor to fill Nathan Drake’s “No-No-No”-ing boots. According to Deadline, the studio is eyeing Mark Wahlberg to play the role, but I’d much rather see someone like Scott Porter or a slimmed down Nathan Fillion tackle the part instead.

Which of these films are you most excited for? Who would you like to see play Nathan Drake? Who should be in the Sinister Six? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT: Deadline]

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  1. Sarah says:

    Joe Flanagan for Drake

  2. Mike says:

    Zachary Levi for Nathan Drake!

  3. Chris S says:

    If they sign Mark Wahlberg to play Nathan Drake, I’m not seeing it. Nathan Fillion would be ideal.

  4. Ian Mersich says:

    Nathan Fillion for drake , Jeff Fahey(frank Lepidus from lost) for Sully

  5. Annie says:

    Sully should be played by Bruce Campbell

  6. boB says:

    Matthew McConaughey.  Instead of “…no, no, no, NO…” it can be “…alright, alright, alRIIIIGHT…”

  7. Nick Johnson says:

    Chris Pratt looks the part and has the comic experience. And from what i’ve seen of the Guardians of the Galaxy footage, he can pull off the action. I really see Drake in this picture of Pratt.

    • SWH says:

      But Uncharted’s a video game.

    • You know, this is the first I’ve seen a case for Pratt to play Drake, and I’m liking it! Never really crossed my mind, but you’re right, he’d be able to pull off a lead action role. AND he has pretty great comedic timing to pull off Drake’s personality as well.

  8. Stallonejackson says:

    Anthony Starr from Banshee should be Drake

  9. Mike O says:

    Why “infuriatingly bad”?  I can understand if you didn’t like it, even though I disagree with you, but how was it so much worse in your opinion than it could have been?  I hope that you agree that it’s still better than Spider-Man 3.

    • Bill says:

      It wasn’t. It’s just extremely “in” right now for geeks to get on the “let’s hate on Amazing Spiderman 2” bandwagon.

      • I completely agree with you. I’m a huge Spidey fan and I really enjoyed the movie. Like you said, people are bandwagon jumpers, unfortunately, and the now thing is to hate the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Oh and Dan Casey, your articles suck pretty bad, my friend. I’m still a nerdist fan though.

    • Jonathan says:

      Actually it was poorly executed. They had a lot of ideas heading in the right direction, however between terrible editing and uneven writing this movie was a mess. You’d think Sony would learn after meddling with Spider-Man 3, but they didn’t. They need to trust the source material a bit more and not swing for the general audience…look how long these comics have been around, there’s enough of a fan base to warrant not messing around too much.

  10. Anyone but Mark Wahlberg as Drake plox.

    I do think Fillion might be a little to old for the role but his acting fits Drake’s persona perfectly, especially since ND based the character of Malcom in Firefly. Jeremy Renner aka Clint Barton is a good choice and so is Bradley Cooper. Cooper has the chops to carry the lead but I think Renner has the look spot on and really deserves the standout lead role he’s been itching for. 

  11. Doug Raymond says:

    Don’t care about Fillion’s age. Get him on the treadmill and into a Drake costume. Campbell doesn’t even have to change outfits from Burn Notice to be Sully. I’d love Ron Perlman in there somewhere, too, just so all my favorite B-muses are in one picture.

  12. Drake = Josh Brolin, Timothy Olyphant, Liev Schreiber, Eric Bana, Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper,  … firefly era Fillion (sadly, this has passed).  I have trouble seeing Wahlberg in the role. 

  13. rockindog says:

    Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake. And Bruce “the Man” Campbell is Sully. 

  14. Thatmustangman says:

    A slimmed down Nathan Fillion is exactly who I see playing Drake!