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Ubisoft Debuts 8 Minutes of WATCH DOGS Multiplayer Gameplay

Spy on civilians and hack into other players’ games: Yup, that’s what Watch Dogs‘ multiplayer is offering, according to this 8-minute preview video from Ubisoft.

The game’s animation director Colin Graham walks us through some of the multiplayer features in Ubisoft’s cyber thriller action game (and what could potentially be the successor to the Assassin’s Creed franchise).

Some interesting features are shown off in the video, including player identity in online games (the player is always anti-hero Aiden while online opponents look like NPCs), while multiplayer can be triggered during the Watch Dogs campaign if you choose to have another player or they choose to do the same. There’s also a short look at interaction between the CTOS mobile app and the game, in which mobile players can control in-game authorities to track down console players who will have to evade them through a series of checkpoints.

If you still haven’t seen the single-player campaign, Ubisoft released a healthy 14-minute preview back in September.

Watch Dogs will be available May 27th for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC, and Wii U.

HT: Ubisoft via Game Informer

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  1. jm5150 says:

    just picked up the game… while it is great.. its basically grand theft auto… its the SAME EXACT GAME with a hacking cell phone. Ill have to play more to really get into the meat of it, but so far it gets rid of hookers, and adds a cell phone.. only difference so far