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Two Robins and Captain Falcon Join SUPER SMASH BROS.

The official Super Smash Bros. roster just grew by three (well, four) today, with Nintendo unveiling a new trailer featuring a couple of Fire Emblem: Awakening heroes joining Captain Falcon in the brawler. F-Zero‘s Captain Falcon joins Fire Emblem: Awakening heroes Lucina and Robin, with the bonus option to play as either a male or female version of Robin.

By this point, Captain Falcon was kind of a no-brainer, having appeared in all of the previous Super Smash Bros. titles so far (and reminding us every few years that Nintendo really needs to get on a new F-Zero). His attacks typically involve plenty of hand-to-hand mayhem, with a deadly wind-up punch which has been the downfall of many a fighter who’s unwise enough to get in close enough to get tapped.

Meanwhile, Lucina seems to be stepping in for swordsman Marth, adding another hack and slash character alongside Link and previous Fire Emblem addition Ike. Based on the trailer, Lucina seems more adept at creating a little distance between her opponents and herself with tight, rapid sword strikes that chip away at their health. That was Marth’s thing as well in Melee along with a penchant for juggling other characters and keeping them off balance (as seems to be the case here).


The final new addition is Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s customizable lead character Robin, who will have both a male and female selectable version in the game. A magic user, it looks like Robin’s slower attacks will likely carry a bigger punch that some of the more up close and personal fighters.

With the release of Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS (October 3) and the Wii U (date still TBD) drawing closer this fall, who else are you hoping to see Nintendo add to the lineup?

[Sources: Nintendo via Joystiq]

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  1. Cenzo says:

    You do know that Marth is also in this one, yeah?