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Two Italian Artists Made Portraits of Famous Musicians Entirely From Old CDs

Piracy is one of the most frequently committed crimes. It can also come with an enormous, seven-plus figure price tag. The thought of a new album leaking and not getting your hands on it is tempting and all, and surely many of us have been culpable of pirating in the past, but maybe take a few extra moments to consider its ramifications.

Italian artists Mirco Pagano Piracy and Moreno De Turco have turned their visionary talent toward theft in their new project, “Piracy”. The collection sees the two gathering CDs, layering their surfaces, and sculpting them into various musical prodigies grimacing in pain. It’s a lot of planning and even more balance. Imagine how good they must be at Jenga.

Piracy Can't Stand Your Love

Their comment on music theft is not just breathtaking; it’s powerfully painful. The art directors and designers use musicians’ famous lyrics take on new meaning. “Is This Love?” asks Bob Marley. “This Is The End” Jim Morrison gasps. “Don’t Be Cruel” Elvis Presley says with a huge frown. In total, it took over 200 hours and 6500 CDs. The array of work is nothing short of impressive, especially in using the musicians’ own words in a new context.

Piracy Don't Be Cruel

Remember why you got Spotify? Because you could listen to thousands of albums from major label artists or indie projects whenever you wanted. You’re paying them for their product, however small the share is for artists. Check out some of the pieces below and reconsider illegally downloaded work. It’s 2015 and it’s not worth it.

Piracy I Don't Live Today

Piracy Is This Love

Piracy The Way You Make Me Feel 1

Piracy The Way You Make Me Feel 2


Piracy This Is The End

Piracy Too Much Love Will Kill You


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