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Twitch Round Up: Jessica Chobot, Malik Forté, Dan Casey & More Launch Official Nerdist Twitch Channel

If you haven’t heard by now, it’s been getting Twitchy over here at Nerdist Headquarters! Our great and mighty Gaming Editor, Malik Forté, announced that October 3rd would kick off Nerdist’s foray into the omnipresent stream with our very own channel: Our first twelve hour event included playing games with our friends from Loot Crate, Smosh Games, as well as Mario Kart 8 with RocketJump. During our time together, Malik’s white pants were immortalized, Nerdist was confirmed to be in the Illuminati, and our Producer, Jesse McKeil, took the lives of at least a dozen cookies. Subscribers to our channel were also hand fed our first set of Twitch Emotes, including the Nerdist laser, the face of Malik, two faces of both Jessica Chobot and Dan Casey, and of course, a burrito.

Every week I’ll be highlighting the best moments from our scheduled show lineup and give you a taste of what’s to come for the week ahead. Some of our Twitch abilities are still underway, but we’ll have clips for you soon! Here’s our current schedule, but more shows will be added in the very near future:

Chobot Dating Sims 1st Day

Every other Tuesday, 12pm – 1pm PST: The Single Player – Dating Sims and Advice, with Jessica Chobot

Last week Jessica learned what it’s like to be a dead girl in the dating world. No, really. And she’s doing it again next week. Well, maybe not the dead part, but you never know.


Tuesday, 2pm – 4pm PST: New Games+ – Developer Playthroughs and New Games, with Malik Forté & guests

Malik explored Middle Earth in Shadow of Mordor and its precious “Nemesis System.” Make sure you check out Malik’s article and review if you missed the stream, and tune in this week for a dose of Halloween with The Evil Within. Let’s hope he doesn’t soil those white pants…

Maldaa Dark Portal

Wednesday, 12pm – 2pm PST: MASSIVE – Creating <Nerdist> guilds, clans and more in the world of MMOs, with Michele Morrow

Starting off with World of Warcraft, let’s get to know each other a little better and create our very own <Nerdist> guild. If you ever needed a reason to re-sub or satiate your WoW curiosity, there is no better time: Patch 6.0.2 just dropped in preparation for Warcraft’s newest expansion, Warlords of Draenor. A lot has changed since the game’s original release in 2004, and we’ll be exploring all of it on my weekly stream with activities ranging from Raiding, PvP, Battlegrounds, Arena, Achievement Runs, Holiday Events, Special Nerdist Events, giveaways and more.  Recruitment is currently open with no level restriction, and anyone in guild can send you an invite. Our rules are the same as our Twitch rules… basically, “don’t be a jerk.” Look for me on my alt, Maldaa the Undead Priest, on Thorium Brotherhood.

This week, I discovered that being the co-host of Blizzcon and creating <Nerdist> on a PvP RP server was the equivalent of painting a gank target on my soul. For two hours, I was relentlessly death camped by the voracious Alliance on Emerald Dream. Bloodthirsty for my under-geared priest, I tried to hide behind Garrosh Hellscream (of all things) while setting up the guild.  But nothing could stop them — Victory AND Death, kamikaze style. Every server in World of Warcraft has its own political environment, and it’s hard to know what you’re walking into… until you keep resurrecting with an angry axe to the face. For players on Emerald Dream, both PvP’ers and RP’ers had strong concerns about the Nerdist community transferring in hundreds of new players who could potentially disturb their “server balance” of equal faction representation. The most disheartening thing I learned was that the RP community on their realm is suffering due to opposing faction griefers… and that totally sucks because they were afraid we would bring more grief.

Even if you don’t personally want to role-play, as a fellow nerd, you should try not to intentionally interrupt RP. However, this can be quite difficult to maintain on a very active, highly populated “PvP RP” server. Some PvP’ers claim they are RP’ing “as jerks,” but many people have very specific definitions for what constitutes true role-playing… and RP’ing “as jerks” doesn’t count to them. That said, the true definition of role-playing is personal to everyone and varies from the very serious to the very silly. That doesn’t mean that the declining state of the Emerald Dream RP community is something to ignore. I don’t know the answer. But my eyes are now open to how PvP and RP would be a difficult co-existence, in that it’s defined as “the norm” but not necessarily mandatory.

For the sake of having a productive weekly stream, I cast a sleep spell on all <Nerdist> members which put them into a deep slumber inside the Emerald Dream. And when they awake, they will find we have been magically transferred to the Thorium Brotherhood, a PvE RP realm. For those <Nerdist> members that want to contribute to building our RP back-story, we are holding a writing initiative after receiving several submissions already! Send us your ideas to [email protected] and we will pick one to publish on my column, Massive. Feel free to include Nerdist inside jokes that can be weaved into the Warcraft universe — burritos, white pants, Doctor Who, etc.

Join me this Wednesday for our first look at Patch 6.0.2 and all the exciting changes in World of Warcraft.


Friday, 2pm – 4pm PST: Friday Funderdome – Team Nerdist and friends take gaming to the EXTREME  

Nerdist’s Twitch Producer, Jesse McKeil, and Nerdist News Writer, Ben Mekler, reminisced about the good old days of the original Playstation by playing their childhood favorites: Gex: Enter the Gecko and Rascal.

This week there’s a rumor floating around the office that RocketJump may be swinging by for a guest appearance. Other rumors suggest that the team will be tackling Sunset Overdrive. You never know who will enter the FUNDERDOME!

Thanks for following and subscribing to our Twitch channel!  See you on the stream!

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