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TWIN PEAKS Fans Can Visit Laura Palmer’s House (As Long As You’re Nice And Polite)

One of the most iconic locations in David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic Twin Peaks in all its incarnations is the suburban home of murdered homecoming queen Laura Palmer. In the original series, it’s one of the first locations we visit, as Laura Palmer’s mother Sarah calls her daughter down for breakfast, only to discover she never came home the night before. In the prequel film Fire Walk With Me (which we’ve written about extensively), the home is central to the horrors Laura Palmer faced before her murder. And finally, in the recent Showtime iteration, the final shot of the season — and possibly the series — takes place outside the Palmer residence.

Naturally, hardcore fans of the show want to visit the home, which is actually located in Everett, Washington. Previous owners of the home weren’t too keen on Twin Peaks fans coming around the house, and even had the house painted a different color to dissuade them from coming by. But now we’ve learned, via Vulture, the current owner of the home, Mary Reber, is actually cool with Twin Peaks fans coming by and take a look inside — as long as they’re nice and polite about it. Here’s what Reber had to say about fans stopping by the home that has the most ominous ceiling fan in film history:

“There’s been a lot of people coming through. Some people call and make an appointment to come in and see the house, and we’re happy to do so. We’ve met some great people from abroad. Obviously we don’t let everybody come through, but there’s been a lot of visitors since the finale in particular…We’re happy to do so, because the lady who lived here beforehand didn’t let people see the house. So we’re getting people who watched the show when it originally aired and had been waiting to see the house. That’s really fun for us.”

Reber is now officially part of the Twin Peaks story; David Lynch has her play the home’s new owner Alice Tremond in the new season’s final scene. Lynch hired her even though she had no acting experience. As to why Lynch asked her to play the role, Reber said the following:
“I have absolutely no clue, and if you ask him that type of question, which we did, he said: ‘That’s something you just don’t need to know.’”

Oh, and if you happen to make a visit, don’t ask Reber what the significance of the final scene was. She doesn’t know any more than any of us do! And we’re sure that’s exactly how David Lynch wants it.

Would you visit the Palmer house, or would you be too creeped out? Let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Showtime / CBS 

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