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Twin Peaks Remixed


1990 was a good year: I had just been born, the Pistons won the NBA Finals, The Hubble Telescope was put into orbit, and a little show called Twin Peaks premiered on ABC to a rapt American audience.

Being the barely post-fetal sack of limbs that I was back then, there was no way I could have appreciated David Lynch’s surreal cult-classic in real time. But as an unemployed 20-something with a BA in Netflix, I no longer have any excuse.

So ever since I finished Twin Peaks, I have had a lot of downtime –no doubt due to the temporary blindness induced by my marathon viewing of the series – to consider what made it absolutely incredible. For one, Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper.  But what really captivated me – as I’m sure it did its original audience – was the confluence of the visual and aural elements of the show (comparable, perhaps, only to the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham). I felt totally immersed in each scene’s idiosyncrasies, from the Tibetan folklore to the loungey jazz that announced certain characters.

The music nerd that I am, I conducted some extensive research on YouTube to gauge the ongoing cultural impact of the Twin Peaks soundtrack. What I found rocked my world. Check out all the different remixes and samples that have found their way into the cultural canon since that April evening in 1990.

The original:


MC Chris is in the running for nerdiest MC of all time. Only Hesh could rap about the entire plot of Twin Peaks in three-and-a- half minutes

Jazzercise and Twin Peaks have probably never been thought of in the same breath. Until now:

And listen for the sample of Laura Palmer’s Theme in Moby’s “Go”:


(Editor’s Note from Perry: We played the theme from Twin Peaks at my wedding. I don’t know what message that sent, but we’re still married, so that’s good…)

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  1. S-Peaks says:

    FANTOMAS, A Mike Patton project, does Fire Walk with Me. check it out.

  2. jtc2112 says:

    My era’s Lost

  3. Twin Pie says:

    I just posted a vintage ad for Dale’s Quest, the Twin Peaks adventure game that never existed:

  4. tyler says:

    The original theme song sounds like it’s right out of Final Fantasy 7. I guess it would be the other way around, but you get the point.

  5. Brian E. says:

    Twin Peaks is probably my favourite show ever. I went to the Twin Peaks Festival in Washington last summer. Met a bunch of the actors including Sherilyn Fenn and Kimmy Robertson. It was fantastic! Met some great new friends too (and had some delicious cherry pie and coffee!).

    These re-mixes are a great reminder.

  6. Jeeves Besser says:

    Agent Cooper buttons.

  7. Kevin says:

    This is one of my favorite show themes, which is why I loved when Psych incorporated the theme into their own during an episode that reunited the Twin Peaks cast.

  8. Aaron says:

    I just finished re-watching the series about a month and a half ago. Most important lesson learned: do _not_ watch David Lynch right before going to bed.

    P.S., GREAT find on the Fringe reference. Thanks, Carrie!

  9. jess says:

    I was 13 when the series first aired and loved it. My parents bought me the soundtrack for season 1 and I listened to it constantly. It was the perfect puberty series and music.

  10. Gabriel says:

    Now I feel old. I graduated high school and started college in 1990.

  11. David says:

    Wrapped in Plastic off of Marilyn Manson’s Portrait of an American Family album has lots of Twin Peaks references and samples.

  12. Reilly says:

    I need to watch Twin Peaks…It has some of my favorite actors, Kyle MacLachlan and Everrett McGill.

  13. Carrie says:

    I LOVED Twin Peaks! Did you happen to catch this awesome reference to Twin Peaks on Fringe?