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TWIN PEAKS Inspired Portraits Made With Cherry Pie Filling Look Scrumptious

Twin Peaks and cherry pie go together like…well, like Twin Peaks and donuts, or Twin Peaks and coffee (what can I say? The show is associated with a lot of comfort food. You can gain weight just by watching it.) But if you’re Agent Dale Cooper, then a slice of damn good cherry pie is at the top of that list, especially ones from the Double R Diner, “where pies go when they die.”

Now, an artist by the name of Noah Scalin from Richmond, VA, maybe best known for Skull-A-Day, his Webby award-winning daily art project where he created skulls using all sorts of materials like old broken vinyl records, coffee beans and other things, has created portraits of the most iconic characters from Twin Peaks… using nothing but cherry pie filling.

So far, the series of Twin Peaks cherry pie art has four portraits, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), murdered homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), saddle-shoe wearing bad girl Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn), and the Little Man From Another Place (Michael J. Anderson). Hopefully if Scalin makes another series of these, he’ll include Peggy Lipton’s character of Norma Jennings; after all, it’s she who makes the pies that the town of Twin Peaks craves so much, and therefore deserves to be honored therein, in my humble (pie) opinion.

All four of the pieces are part of an exhibition which opened during The Great Southern  Twin Peaks fan festival in Richmond last week, and they will also be published in Makeout Creek magazine. Check out our gallery of all four portraits below:

HT: Welcome To Twin Peaks


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