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TWIN PEAKS’ 7 Most Lynchian Moments from Episode 10

Things were both brutal (everything involving the twisted Richard Horne) and absurdly funny in this, the tenth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return. Although this is one of the more “normal” episodes of the show, it’s still a David Lynch show, and there are plenty of Lynchian moments to be witnessed. Let’s begin with a bit of slapstick silliness between Vegas showgirls and their mobster bosses.

Candie swats a fly

In Las Vegas, mobster and casino owner Rodney Mitchum (Robert Knepper) is hanging out at home, when one of his identical pink-clad, blonde-haired showgirls, Candie (Amy Shiels), is slowly creeping around the house trying to kill a fly. When the fly lands on Mitchum’s head, Candie smacks him hard with a TV remote. Some classic over the top exaggerated crying follows; you’d think, from her reaction, that Candie had just cut off his ear.

After a few minutes go by, we find Candie and the other two bored showgirls making drinks in the kitchen. Even though her mobster lover Rodney assures her that he’s perfectly fine, Candie is still a mess of tears, asking him, “Can you ever love me after what I did?” It’s all the kind of over-the-top melodrama that Lynch regularly plays for laughs, and it’s hilarious.

Dougie and Janey-E get it on

After finally taking Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) to a doctor, Janey-E (Naomi Watts) seems surprised to discover that her dim-witted husband not only checks out as normal and healthy, but in better shape–and far more attractive to her–than ever. After they get home, Janey-E takes Dougie upstairs and they proceed to have the most awkward (yet mutually satisfying) sex ever.

Though Dougie simply flaps his hands around like a bird, bringing back memories of Kyle MacLachlan’s awkward sex scene in the pool with Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls, this version of her husband seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Janey-E. Her orgasmic screams of “Dougie! DOUGIE!” are enough to wake up their young son, poor Sonny Jim.

Detective Lucy on the lookout

We’ve known for a while that Chad (John Pirruccello) is a crooked cop, as we saw him in an earlier episode exchanging money with Richard Horne, whom we know is in on the local drug trade. (He’s also just an overall jerkwad.) Now we know how far his overall shittiness really goes.

Earlier in this episode, we see Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) confront local schoolteacher Miriam about the fact that she witnessed his hit-and-run killing of a local child. When he goes to threaten her, she tells him she already sent a letter to the police, so if anything were to happen to her, they’d know it was Richard Horne who did it. He kills her anyway.

Richard then tells Chad to intercept the letter at the sheriff’s station. Chad goes to Lucy’s (Kimmy Robertson) desk and engages her in inane small talk, but our girl knows something’s up. When he sees the mailman arrive, he goes outside to grab the mail. But spying out the window, Lucy sees that Chad intercepted one of the letters. Don’t underestimate Lucy Brennan–this whole detective Lucy angle is Lynch’s callback to the character doing the same thing in the original 1990 pilot.

Oh, and at Lucy’s desk we see a big ol’ plate of donuts. Our first since the new series began.

Run Silent, Run Drapes

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) continues his ranting as the left-leaning version of Alex Jones, looking like he’s about to pop a blood vessel as he goes off on his internet broadcast about how the corporations are killing our kids. “We’re sheep to these monsters and they don’t give a shit!” he rants.

The best part of this whole scene, though, isn’t Jacoby’s rant (which is truly epic), but seeing that his #1 fan Nadine Hurley (Wendy Robie) has made her original series ambitions for a silent drape runner business a reality. She now owns a drape runner store called “Run Silent, Run Drapes.” At least someone in Twin Peaks made their wishes comes true over the last 25 years.

“Hello Johnny. How are you today?”

In maybe the most bonkers scene this week, we find out that Johnny Horne (Eric Rondell) survived his encounter with the wall last week, but his mother Sylvia (Jan D’Arcy) has him wearing a helmet and has him padded from head to toe and tied to a chair (you know, just in case). Even worse, he’s forced to listen to a demented talking teddy bear with a glass bubble for a head, which keeps saying “Hello Johnny. How are you today?” in the creepiest of voices.

As if this scene were not unsettling enough, the same scene brings Richard Horne in for a visit, during which he threatens and robs his grandmother. Poor Johnny tries to defend his mother, but he’s not much help seeing as he’s tied to a chair. As this horrific scene unfolds, the repetitive sound of the teddy bear from hell asking “Hello Johnny. How are you today?” on a loop makes everything that much creepier.

This scene also confirms that Richard Horne is the grandson of Ben and Sylvia, meaning he is almost certainly the offspring of Audrey Horne and (very possibly) Evil Coop.

Gordon meets a visitor from beyond the grave

Gordon Cole (David Lynch) hears a knock on the door of his South Dakota hotel room. When he opens it, a sudden flash of a crying Laura Palmer appears (from a moment in Fire Walk with Me), then quickly vanishes. He then sees Albert (Miguel Ferrer) at the door, who informs him that Evil Cooper has been sending coded messages to Diane (Laura Dern) …and she’s responded. Was her meltdown in when confronting Evil Cooper just an act? Could she possibly be in cahoots with him? Or is he somehow blackmailing her? And WHY on Earth did Cole see Laura Palmer when he opened the door to greet Albert? And speaking of Laura…

“Laura is the one.”

As the episode comes to an end, the Log Lady (Catherine Coulson) makes another late night phone call to Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) and delivers a cryptic message: “Electricity is humming.” She also tells Hawk that “the circle is almost complete” and that “Laura is the one,” but what she means by all this, we do not know yet. We do know that, somehow, Laura Palmer is central to all of this. Her face is in the show’s opening credits for a reason, and it’s not just nostalgia.

What did you think of the most recent episode of Twin Peaks? And what did you make of all the crazy Lynchian moments throughout? Let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Showtime

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