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TV-Cap: X-MEN Pilot LEGION Casts Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, and More

Today is Friday, and I have what feels like all the casting news for you. Noah Hawley’s Legion is getting all star-studded, Logan is coming back for the Gilmore Girls revival, Alicia Witt is joining The Walking Dead—all that and more in TV-Cap. And yes, more includes a peek at the mini-Friends reunion that isn’t exactly a reunion.

Laughtastic. The All-Star Tribute to James Burrows is coming to NBC on February 21, and it’s bringing together the casts of many of the shows Burrows has directed. You know, shows like Friends. Though it is emphatically not a reunion (Matthew Perry is off in Europe somewhere), they’re all together chatting about old times so… You can get a taste of the not-reunion at the end of this promo. [Variety]

Breaking the Wall? USA’s Colony (from Legendary Television and Universal Cable Productions) has been exploring life in an occupied Los Angeles, and it will have the chance to get bigger because the network has renewed the series for a second season. Maybe we’ll get to visit other walled cities?

A Headliner. Wayward Pines wrapped its first season on Fox over the summer, and though season two is forthcoming, not many of the original cast will come back. However, Jason Patric will take the lead next season. He’ll be playing Dr. Theo Yedlin, “a confident, driven surgeon whose leadership skills will prove invaluable.” He arrives in Wayward Pines in the middle of an uprising when the show returns in summer 2016. [Slashfilm]

But Will There Be Singing? The new Disney XD animated series from the creators of Phineas and Ferb, Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, is called Milo Murphy’s Law. It’s about a descendent of the Murphy’s Law namesake—the kid, Milo, is a walking demonstration of the law. Even if he’s always having problems, he has an awesome voice because Weird Al Yankovic has been cast in the role. He’ll perform songs as Milo in the series (yay!) and sing the theme song. [Deadline, Image: Disney XD]

Unidentified. Let’s head to the zombie side and talk about additions to the casts for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, shall we? Alicia Witt is coming to The Walking Dead in an unspecified role; we also don’t know when she’ll be appearing. Dougray Scott will join the second season of Fear the Walking Dead in a recurring but yet unidentified role. [Comic Book Resources, The Wrap]

Prepare to Be Dazzled. Noah Hawley’s Legion has already won me over with its casting choices. FX has lined up some fantastic names including Dan Stevens as the lead David, Aubrey Plaza (!) as Lenny, and Jean Smart as Melody. Heck. Yes. These are all actors I’d watch in any role, but the fact that they’re coming to a nerdy project is aces. [Nerdist]

For Emergency Purposes. Life could be more enjoyable if you communicate only in quotes from The Simpsons. You never know until you try! A new search engine is here to help: you search for the quote, it throws back a screenshot. It covers over three million quotes from the animated show’s first 15 seasons. Yep. Go have fun and tweet us your favorites at @Nerdist. [Nerdist]

Abandon All Hope. The 100 will squeeze the stuffing out of your heart and every other organ in your body, but it’s worth it. You’ll come back for more. Case in point: the most recent episode reunited Clarke and Lexa, and it went better than you might expect. Read Sydney’s recap of “Ye Who Enter Here.”

From LA to NYC. Season one of Marvel’s Agent Carter took place in New York in the ’40s so visual effects were necessary to make the setting look just right. The show was recently nominated for a Visual Effects Society Reward, and to celebrate that nod, Marvel released a VFX reel breaking down the transformations. I think Hydra would be impressed. [Nerdist]

An Interesting Reunion. Logan Huntzberger will be appearing in the Gilmore Girls revival! It’s true. Matt Czuchry is the first of Rory’s ex-boyfriends to commit to coming back. When we last saw him, Rory turned down his marriage proposal so I’m very curious to see how he’ll fit in. PS: I’m Team Logan, so this makes me extra happy. [TVLine]

How do you feel about all this casting news? And most importantly, which of Rory’s ex-boyfriends do you like the best? Let me know in the comments.

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