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TV-Cap: Watch Two Minutes from GOTHAM S2, ARROW Teases Green Lantern, & More

Today’s TV-Cap is basically a small preview of fall and even winter television. We have a trailer for MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles, a clip from Season 2 of Gotham, photo teases from Arrow and The Flash—basically all the things, up to and including a shot of Liam Hemsworth making eyes at Miss Piggy. Read/see for yourself:

New BFFs? You never know who you’ll encounter in prison; I guess if you’re stuck behind bars, you may as well make friends. In a two-minute preview of the Season 2 premiere of Gotham, Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome (a.k.a. probably The Joker) and Erin Richards’ Barbara Kean meet each other and have an uh, interesting interaction. I don’t know what to think about them becoming pals—or even knowing each other. [Nerdist]

Flying By. The next season of The Flash will bring another speedster with nefarious intentions to Barry Allen’s doorstep. Zoom will appear, and Tony Todd will provide the voice. He won’t necessarily be the face under the mask though–that will be one of Season 2’s mysteries. And hey, it’s worth nothing Zoom is one of Eobard Thawne’s other identities in the comics. [/Film]

Dome Down. Residents of Chester’s Mill will escape the mysterious dome that’s been covering their city in the Season 3 finale of Under the Dome. That episode will also be the series finale. CBS announced the show will not return for a fourth season. At least we’ll get some answers before it’s all over? [TVLine]

Headed to the Coast. Could the Green Lantern be coming to Season 4 of Arrow? The series certainly hasn’t backed away from bringing in all kinds of characters from the DC Comics ‘verse, but the addition of Green Lantern would be huge. A piece of production art shared by Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim references Coast City and its most well known hero. Hmm. I’d say it’s time to get your power rings ready just in case. [Comic Book Resources]

The Fate of a Tree. MTV’s trying their hand at epic fantasy by adapting Terry Brooks’ popular books for their new show, The Shannara Chronicles. A trailer for the adventurous drama that debuts in January paints a rather epic portrait—and a persuasive one. I’m completely sold on giving this series a try. [Nerdist]

Going Downhill. The situation is becoming more dire in a hurry on Fear the Walking Dead. Humanity is about to slide face first into collapse, and the latest episode of The Walking Dead spinoff pushed things a tiny bit closer to the edge of the cliff. Read Dan’s recap and thoughts on the episode right this way.

Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry. #TheMuppets #misspiggy

A photo posted by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on

Moving On. Miss Piggy apparently isn’t wasting any time getting over Kermit, as she’s possibly found a beau in Liam Hemsworth. He’ll make a guest appearance on The Muppets and based on this image shared by the actor, he’s clearly smitten with the sassy pig. [Vulture]

So It Begins. Hayley Atwell is back to wearing deep red nail polish because production has started for Season 2 of Agent Carter. Atwell shared the news on Twitter yesterday and also showed off her first wound of filming thanks to stunt training. I am so very excited for the series to return to television. [Comic Book Resources]

A Machine’s Soul. Some episodes of Doctor Who are simply unforgettable, and “The Doctor’s Wife” falls into that category. In it, the soul of the TARDIS comes to life as a woman named Idris and it/she is incredibly charming. Hannah Hart talks to builder and former MythBuster Grant Imahara about the personalities within machines. [Nerdist]

Hold onto your hats, season 2 of #TheFlash premieres in just 36 days!

A photo posted by The Flash (@cwtheflash) on

Playing It Up. Yes, Jay Garrick is coming to Season 2 of The Flash (he’ll be played by Teddy Sears). Yes, it’s pretty rad. The CW knows fans are excited about the arrival of this particular speedster so they’ve posted a photo tease for us to drool over. Judging by the puddle around my feet, it’s effective. [Comic Book Resources]

What do you think about Barbara and the man who is likely the Joker becoming pals? Sound off in the comments.

Image Credit: Fox

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