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TV-Cap: VERONICA MARS Is Still the Best, Images from THE FLASH and ARROW, and More!

Hoo boy, that was major Marvel info drop yesterday, wasn’t it? (If you live under a rock/somehow missed it, Dan Casey was live-blogging the Marvel Event and Jessica Chobot broke down Marvel’s Phase III in yesterday’s Nerdist News.) Now that we’ve got our entire lives mapped out for the next five years, how about we give a little love to the small screen side of things? That’s right, it’s time for your regular dose of the TV-Cap, and today is just a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine work week go down. (After all, it’s almost Halloween!) From what’s streaming on Netflix in November to the latest episode of the SleepyCast, the Official Sleepy Hollow podcast, galleries for new episodes of The Flash AND Arrow, and even more Better Call Saul news, we’ve got the latest in TV just for you.

Ten Years Later, Veronica Mars is Still a Trailblazer. First of all, it seems ludicrous that Veronica Mars premiered ten years ago this year. Have we stepped into a Time Warp? I could have sworn it was 2004 just yesterday… Anyway, if you haven’t hopped on the Mars train yet, Vulture has a handy list of 9 ways Veronica Mars was feminist as hell. My hero: [Vulture]


The Scream TV Show is Definitely a Thing. Welp, looks like MTV is going full-scream ahead (you never go full Scream) with their small screen adaptation of the Kevin Williamson/Wes Craven franchise. Though Williamson will not be a part of the creative team, Scream has received a series pick-up from MTV, as well as a little casting shake-up. (Honestly, I’m not on board until we get confirmation that Hayden Panettiere can be a part of this AND Nashville. She was the best part of Scream 4.) [Deadline]


Be Still My Heart: Smoak on The Flash. Still reliving last night’s Arrow/Flash crossover episode where perfect person/my hero Felicity Smoak made an appearance? Stay tuned later today for Joe McCabe’s recap, but for now, feast your eyes on this Smoak-y preview. [Nerdist]

Bonus Points: Want even mooooar Flash/Arrow goodness? (Of course you do.)We’ve also got a gallery for both new episodes, featuring Captain Cold and Ra’s al Ghul! [Nerdist]

Don’t Worry, Better Call Saul is Still a Drama. We’ve still got a ways to go until the Breaking Bad prequel starring Bob Odenkirk hits our screens, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be walking in blind. And for those of you who were concerned that Better Call Saul would be more comedic than its predecessor, you can rest easy. Odenkirk himself describes it as “85 percent drama, 15 percent comedy.” [Vanity Fair]


Is Gotham the Show We Deserve Yet? Joe McCabe has been watching and recapping Gotham for us since the pilot, and he’s still going strong. Read his review of Monday’s episode, “Spirit of the Goat.” [Nerdist]

New on Netflix in November: November is a time for mustaches, pumpkin pie, and some serious vegging. We’re talking spending hours in front of the TV, wearing patterned pajamas as your new uniform (mine have dancing skeletons on them) , maybe noshing on some kettle corn and binge-watching the winter months away. So what’s on the menu for next month? Helix, Nikita, Snowpiercer, and a whole bunch more. [Vulture]

Telekinetic Fro-Yo Comedy from 30 Rock Writer? Yes Please. You read that correctly. Fox has ordered a script for a comedy by Colleen McGuinness, writer and producer on seasons 6 and 7 of 30 Rock (and also producer on About A Boy, apparently), about a “25-year-old frozen-yogurt peddler whose life is going nowhere until she realizes she has telekinetic powers.” Where do I sign?? [AV Club]


Get Spooky with the SleepyCast. There’s no better time to catch up on our Sleepy Hollow podcast (hosted by the incomparable Clarke Wolfe) than the week of Halloween. This week, Clarke’s got Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) and Sleepy writer Heather Regnier on the podcast, and they’re talking about all the tricks and treats from Tuesday’s episode. Clarke and Lyndie also took a little trip to haunted ghost ship The Queen Mary. Hear all about it right here: [Nerdist]

So what’d y’all think of last night’s The Flash crossover episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images: The CW, Fox


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  1. Geeksville says:

    age 5, and she already knows her life isn’t going anywhere? Pretty sure the Froyo Telekentic is going to be older than that, right?

  2. careystephen says:

    Was it really an Arrow crossover episode if Felicity was the only character that appeared?