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TV-Cap: Tyrion Lannister Sighting, a Badass DOCTOR WHO Poster, and an OUTLANDER Tease

Happy Monday, my favorite TV tadpoles! Lutie here with everyone’s favorite round-up of all the television tid ol’ bitties fit to print: the Nerdist TV-Cap. Where else would you find all the bits of small screen news you may have missed while you were out having a life (what’s that?) this weekend? Nowhere else but here, baby, ‘cuz Nerdist loves you like a burrito loves guacamole. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this e-version of a metaphorical TV news burrito.

…That whole last bit totally worked, right? OK JUST CHECKIN’. Onward to the news!

The Time Lord Six: Did everybody watch Saturday’s brand spankin’ new episode of Doctor Who? Of course you did you good little nerdlings, you! Well for those that enjoyed the heist-y hijinks of the Doctor and Co. will surely delight in this fun retro poster for the “Time Heist” episode that debuted this weekend at the Radio Times. Crafted by the infinitely talented Stuart Manning, it’s all very Saul Bass-ian in nature, isn’t it? [Radio Times]


Let’s Do The Time Heist Again: Speaking of the aforementioned Who episode, you should all probably read Kyle Anderson’s take on the episode. His recap is live right here, right MEOW! [Nerdist]

New Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Goodies: ABC’s Marvel series truly is the gift that keeps on giving in anticipation of the second season. [Nerdist]

But Wait, There’s More!: We told you the S.H.I.E.L.D. gifts were from the land of plenty. Here’s a fun interview with Lucy Lawless about her role on the show. [TVLine]

GIMMIE GIMMIE MOAR OUTLANDER: Who else is totally obsessed with Starz’s Outlander? Anyone? Everyone? As we gear up for next Saturday’s mid-season finale (why dear god whyyyyyyyyyyy?! The world is dark and cruel!) and fan ourselves back into recovery from the over-sexed wedding episode frenzy, the network has released a teaser trailer for the episode. It’s too soon! Why must they make us wait? How long is the wait? And what if I don’t WANT to wait? Somebody get me to Scotland: I’ve got some time-traveling rocks to touch.

True Detective Season Two, No With More Farrell: That’s right, folks. Colin Farrell is allegedly one of the leads of the second season of HBO’s Nic Pizzolatto flat-circle. Please update all memes accordingly. [Nerdist]

A Tyrion Out in the Wild: And last but not least we’ve got some potential Game of Thrones spoilers — if you’re into that sort of thing? The sleuth-y souls that run Los Siete Reinos have happened upon even MORE set photos from season five — which you should click over to their site see the rest — but our particular interest is in this singular image of Peter Dinklage, a.k.a. Tyrion Lannister. Is he in Pentos? Maybe they bumped up his storyline and moved him to Braavos? Or, crazier still, somewhere else entirely that would make no sense but hey, they’ve made so many changes already what’s a few more, right? Meereen, maybe? Who knows but take a look and see. [WinterIsComing.Net]


So — where in the world is Tyrion Lannister do you think? What would be the most ridiculous place for the showrunners to put him? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. ErisWheels says:

    Where in Eartheros is Tyrion Lannister?
    (Obviously, he is wherever whores go.)