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TV-Cap: TWIN PEAKS Cast Laments David Lynch’s Departure, DAREDEVIL’s Red Suit Reveal, & More

Marvel’s Daredevil drops late tonight (technically early tomorrow), and I’m so excited to see the series I’m considering sacrificing sleep. How important is it anyway? But then, if I decide to stay awake I’m faced with the classic binging question: do you inhale the entire show as fast as possible or do you go slowly and savor it? Decisions! Let me take a break from this incredibly challenging crossroads to hit some TV news highlights. Keep reading to see the reveal of Daredevil’s red suit (!!), watch the Twin Peaks comment on David Lynch leaving the reboot, see Zachary Levi as Abraham Lincoln, and more.

The Red Suit. After Netflix possibly accidentally revealed Daredevil’s red suit with an image on their website, Marvel has released a video showing Matt Murdock’s transformation. If you consider that kind of thing a spoiler, don’t watch. If you don’t care, then watch the change and flip the frak out. [Twitter]

What You Need to Know. Could you blame me if all of today’s news centered on Daredevil? This is almost my last mention of the Man Without Fear though, and it’s important. If you’re not familiar with the comics, you can dive into the history of the superhero and get the highlights from our own Dan Casey. Watch!

Maleficent’s Daughter. We recently learned that Emma’s childhood pal Lily is the daughter of Maleficent. I’m guessing the fact that Emma and Lily ran into each other was not a coincidence. Anyway, Once Upon a Time has cast Agnes Bruckner as grown-up Lily. She’ll make her first appearance on the April 26 episode of the fairy tale series. [TV Fanatic]

Another Familiar Face. Heroes Reborn has added a third character and cast member from the original series. Jimmy Jean-Louis will return for an arc as The Haitian and will likely be by the side of Jack Coleman’s Noah Bennet once again. [Deadline]

An Undead President. Zachary Levi will be appearing in an episode of Season 2 of Hulu’s Deadbeat, and he’s not playing your average character. He’s becoming a president. Levi will play a resurrected Abraham Lincoln in the ninth episode. Season 2 of Deadbeat will drop on Hulu on April 20. [TVLine]

Big Ol’ Dragons. The dragons on Game of Thrones burn through the show’s budget like few other things can, but they’re a necessary part of the story. Season 5 is supposed to feature more dragon action than ever, and they’re only getting bigger. It takes a lot of work to make the dragons appear realistic, and producer Steve Kullback and visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer talked to TV Insider about bringing the beasts to life. [Nerdist]

Don’t Go, David Lynch! The new Twin Peaks series is currently moving forward without David Lynch. He announced he’d be stepping away because of budget issues, and it’s hard to imagine the series without his involvement. Several actors from the series–such as Sheryl Lee and Peggy Lipton–recorded videos suggesting that Twin Peaks isn’t the same without Lynch. Let’s hope he takes the message to heart and that Showtime brings more dollars to the table. [CBR]

Fighting Robots. ABC’s announced it’s summer line-up, and I’m guessing at least a few of you are feeling excited about BattleBots. Fighting robots! How could you not be excited? The series premieres on Sunday, June 21, at 9:00pm ET/PT. Get the rest of ABC’s summer schedule at Deadline.

Season 2 Already. And along the line of important premieres, Girl Meets World will be back with Season 2 soon. Though Season 1 just wrapped last month, Season 2 will premiere on Monday, May 11. The second season of the series will bring back more characters from Boy Meets World, including Will Friedle as Eric Matthews. My teenage self needs a moment. [TVLine]

A Hotel Manager. American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy really likes to make casting announcements on Twitter, and this time he confirmed Kathy Bates will return for Season 3. She’ll be running the hotel on American Horror Story: Hotel. [TV Fanatic]

What do you think of Daredevil’s red costume?

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