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TV-Cap: TREMORS Is Coming to TV with Kevin Bacon

Just when you thought you could make it to Thanksgiving without any big splashes in the entertainment world, Marvel releases a trailer for Captain America: Civil War and Universal Pictures drops news about a Tremors TV reboot. Those things are basically on the same level, right? Read today’s TV-Cap to learn more about the reboot, to find out who’s playing Claire Temple’s mom in Luke Cage, to see new Flash/Arrow crossover pictures, and more.

Once More Unto the Breach. Tremors is coming back to television, ladies and gents. There was a brief revival in 2003 that didn’t stick, but Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions are giving it another shot. This time, the series has one key element: Kevin Bacon. He’ll return as Valentine McKee (man, I forgot how great that name is) and serve as executive producer. I usually raise my eyebrow at this stuff, but I think this could work. [Nerdist, Gif: SPL]

Baby Supes. Supergirl has featured a smattering of Superman so far. Just enough, I think. His presence can’t be completely ignored. It looks like we’ll get more of the Man of Steel when he was a boy of steel. The series is casting a 13-year-old actor to play a young Kal-El. He’ll make his debut in the thirteenth episode in flashbacks depicting him and Kara. [TVLine]

Number Power. When Colton Haynes’ Roy returns to Arrow, he’ll be under the influence of a new villain: The Calculator. Yes. That’s an actual villain’s name. It’s not so much about doing math as it is planning. Tom Amandes (Everwood) will play the role coming up in the twelfth episode and is described as “a criminal mastermind and technical genius… [who] uses his advanced skills in computer science and internet manipulation to blackmail Roy.” So, he’s like Palpatine with tech skills? Got it. [Comic Book Resources]

Could It Be? No one in Game of Thrones has it easy, but the Starks in particular have been through hell. They’ve been ripped apart for a long time, but Season 6 might bring some of them back together. Jessica Chobot presents the possibility of a maybe happy family reunion in the latest Nerdist News. Watch, just be wary of spoilers. Head to the comments and let me know your thoughts on the theory. [Nerdist]

Hi, Mom. Marvel’s Netflix series have had one constant character: Claire Temple. Rosario Dawson’s nurse appeared in Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and is slated for Luke Cage. Claire Temple’s mother will also appear in Luke Cage, and she’ll be played with Sonia Braga. [Deadline]

Jonesing for More Jones. When I finished binging Jessica Jones, my first thought was: “When do I get more?” Netflix hasn’t given the show a second season yet, and even if they do, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has cautioned that The Defenders might have to shoot before more Jessica Jones can happen. There are contracts to consider. I hope we learn more by the end of the year. [Nerdist]

Still More. Wait, you thought I was done talking about Jessica? No way. Our very own Alicia has written an op-ed about the importance of Jessica Jones and the flawed female hero. Read it.

Villains and Friends. The Flash and Arrow crossover is coming to your television across two nights next week–December 1 and 2. A fresh batch of photos from the event have been released, and they feature all kinds of costumes and masks and Vandal Savage. See more pics from the crossover at TVLine. [Images: The CW]

Back and Bigger. Sesame Street will return for Season 46 (!) on HBO with two episodes on January 16, 2016 at 9:00am ET/PT. Things have changed a little around the familiar neighborhood. They’ve switched to a new 30-minute format, and they’ll have a new segment, cast member, show opening, and set. Fine, maybe it’s changed a lot. Celebrity guests in the upcoming season include Gwen Stefani, Pharrell, Nick Jonas, Alan Cumming, and more.

Are you on board with more Tremors? Let me know in the comments. And to those of you who celebrate it: Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy all the pie.

Featured Image: Universal

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