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TV-Cap: THE WALKING DEAD Promises Big Changes, GOTHAM Gets a Scarecrow, Plus a New GIRLS Teaser

It’s Tuesday, television lovers! And what better way to start the most productive work day of the week (it’s true and scientifically proven!) than procrastinating with a little bit of TV news, eh, eh? Like, why get started right away on work when you could instead watch Robert Kirkman talk The Walking Dead, or see Ana Gasteyer as Shoshanna’s mom (!!!) on the preview for the new season of GIRLS? Or, if that’s not your cuppa, a lil bit of information on the latest bad guy coming to Gotham? There’s so much to know, you guys. So much!

So let’s start readin’ it all, eh?

But before we get to the TV news, shoutout to Ms. Rachel Heine for handling the TV-Cap in my absence. She already does so much as managing editor and then to take that over for me? WHATTA GEMSTONE. I really hope when she edits this she keeps it in even though she’ll probably want to because of professionalism or whatever. She deserves a lil e-validation, is what I’m saying.

Editor’s Note: Thanks, Alicia!

The More Zombies Change, the More They Stay the Same: Even though Robert Kirkman says that season five of The Walking Dead has more in common with the comic source material than any other, he also warned that “the story completely changes.” Always keepin’ us on our toes, this one, eh? The whole interview is really good so we’re just going to include the dang thing here. Feast them eyeballs (but not to like, a zombie or anything because ew that’s gross)! [IGN]

AMC and DirecTV, DON’T YOU DARE: Ahhh, network and cable conglomerate fights. Aren’t they the best? The 2+ million DirecTV subscribers out there in the world loving this season of The Walking Dead might get royally screwed over (in like a “trapped in Terminus” sorta way) if the two don’t figure their shit out. Get it together, multi-million dollar companies! [Deadline]

Gotham Gets a New Baddie: So, we’re going to see another one of those kiddie-based bad guys on the Fox show. But not only are we going to see the evolution of this particular no-goodun go from Scarecrow Baby to a Scarecrow Man, we’re also going to get a bit of backstory about his daddio — a new adversary for Jim Gordon, and the originator of the moniker itself. Oooh, intrigue! [UPROXX]

GIRLS En Route: It’s coming, you guys. This January the fourth season of Lena Dunham’s show and there’s a fun, new preview video for it that gives us heaps of things to get excited about. Including: Marc Maron! Ana Gasteyer! (As Shosh’s MOM OH MY GOODNESS YESSSS.) Gillian Anderson! And apparently we’re going to be privy to more Marnie singing. Oh dear. [Vulture]

Even More Anarchy: Sons of Anarchy fans will likely be relieved to know that the series’ aftershow will return on November 4th (that’s tonight!) in order to give loyal followers of the moto-clan another place to talk out the show’s devastating drama. [zap2it]

Woody Heads to SNL: Woody Harrelson is slated to host the November 21st episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Musical guest? Kendrick Lamar. Also we’re sort of obsessed with Woody Harrelson (see this photo) — just one look at his Wikipedia page will likely do the same for you as well. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Who’s That Girl? It’s a Future Inmate: New Girl returns tonight so watch out for Jessica Day, accidental drug kingpin:

Utopia is No More: There is no such thing as Utopia, you guys. No, not the relative dimension wherein everything is perfect and beautiful and nothing hurts and we’re all happy all the time (that’s totally legit) — the reality show on Fox. [TVLine]

And Finally…: We’ve got some FEELINGS about these new photos from the set of Game of Thrones. Good ones, though, contrary to, well, pretty much everyone on the Internet. [Nerdist]

So — who’s going to tell DirecTV and AMC to solve this thing? Let’s all collectively volunteer as tribute in the comments.

Image: AMC

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