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TV-Cap: THE WALKING DEAD Poster & Premiere, an AGENT CARTER Promo, & News from the TCAs

Happy Thursday, burrito enjoyers everywhere! Or as we like to call it “our first day at the TCA Winter Tour!” That’s right, this particular writer will be comin’ at you LIVE from inside a ballroom in Pasadena, California for the next three days with all the TV news that’s fit to print. And all those small screen folks wasted no time breaking big time news at the start of it all on Wednesday. Why we got word that John Travolta would be joining American Crime Story, the premiere date for The Walking Dead‘s back half, news on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Daredevil, Bloodline, Grace and Frankie, and eeeeven a brand new promo for next week’s Agent Carter. Don’t say the TV-Cap‘s never done nothin’ for ya, guys.

So let’s dig into the madness, shall we? ONWARD!

First Thing’s First: We’ve got chills (because that joke was just too easy, you guys) over this John Travolta casting news (spoiler alert: he’s returning to TV at LAST!). [Nerdist]

The New World Needs Rick: What would a post-apocalyptic, zombified world look like without Rick Grimes? Probably really terrible, bleak, and shittier than said world already is. There’d probably be a lot more zombies, for one — and a heck of a lot more dead humans, for another thing. And it is that very ominous thought that takes center stage in the new mid-season premiere poster for the second half of The Walking Dead‘s fifth go-around on the TV front. In fact Abraham’s “The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes” note is featured even more prominently than the man himself in the series’ new promo poster — also featuring the premiere date (February 8th, 2015). Ominous thing is ominous. Take a peeksie! [Hypable]

NatGeo’s Getting Sketchy with the Silicon Valley Boys: Well here’s a thing that sounds goofily promising! The National Geographic Channel is set to produce a docu-comedy series from John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky (the co-creators of Silicon Valley) called History of the World. It’s going to use a veritable smorgasbord of comedic storytelling tropes — from sketch to animation to puppetry and archival footage — in order to try and answer life’s more evasive questions, like the “origins of spirituality, money, leisure time, sports, hygiene and entertainment.” [Variety]

Netflix’s Latest: Traditional television isn’t the only ones who get to have all the midseason premiere fun! Netflix has finally unleashed a litany of premiere dates for some of their more exciting, new original series. Like Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (which premieres March 16th), and Daredevil (streaming as of April 10th). And don’t forget Coach Taylor’s return to TV on Bloodline (streaming starting March 20th), or Grace and Frankie, the Jane Fonda–Lily Tomlin buddy comedy, slated to premiere on May 8th! [Vulture]

By the By: There’s also a sweet, sweet motion poster for Daredevil if you’re into that sort of thing (and you should be, duh). [Nerdist]

Peggy Carter Keeps On Keepin’ On: OK so we all loved Tuesday night’s premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC, right? Well then it will delight you to know that that particular dog ‘n’ pony show will be returning next week with an all-new episode. (CRAZY how TV works, right?) Well, we’ve got a promo for that very one — titled “Time & Tide” — and it is chockablock with intrigue, conspiracies, and and underappreciated ass-kicking SSR babe at the front. Boss lady is boss, y’all — and she’s not taking shit, not even from Mr. Stark. We bow down to thee, Ms. Carter.

So — theories and thoughts on The Walking Dead‘s back half? Let us hear ’em in the comments.

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