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TV-Cap: THE WALKING DEAD Midseason Premiere Photos, OSCARS News, & More

I have a problem. There are too many great television series airing and not enough hours in the day. Ok… I didn’t say it was a bad problem. Maybe I should reserve my Sundays for making a blanket fort, eating snacks, and marathoning every show I missed during the week. While I think about how to make that happen, enjoy today’s serving of television news including a romantic moment on The Vampire Diaries, photos from The Walking Dead’s return, laughs from Saturday Night Live promos, and more.

Frozen At the Oscars… Kind Of. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, best known for penning the songs of Frozen, are headed to the Oscars. Neil Patrick Harris revealed the duo will be writing an original musical number for him to perform at the awards ceremony and possibly something else. Don’t worry, no one will be crooning “Let It Go.” And keeping the news on Harris, the Oscar host will stop by Inside the Actors Studio on February 12. It will be his first solo sit-down on the show. [Entertainment Weekly]

Intense Gazes All Around. The Walking Dead comes back on February 8th, and while that is not soon enough, you can at least flip through some new serious photos of the cast. Images of Daryl, Eugene, Rosita, Carol, and Michonne are at TVLine, IGN, and Entertainment Weekly. The cast looks extremely focused, and did I mention the intense part?

Don’t Mess with Peggy. Raise your hand if you watched Marvel’s Agent Carter last night. Raise your other hand if you adored it. All my limbs would be raised right now if I didn’t need them to type. Read my review of “The Blitzkrieg Button.”

"Prayer for the Dying"

Dinner and a Movie. As usual, a lot of weird has been happening in The Vampire Diaries. Hurdle after hurdle has kept Damon and Elena apart, but in a clip from tonight’s episode on Entertainment Weekly, Damon asks Elena out for dinner and a movie. Even though it doesn’t go quite like Damon planned, it’s adorable. Go, Delena! (I’m so sorry for using that name, but it does have a nice ring to it).

Getting Witchy. WGN has announced the premiere date for season two of its supernatural series Salem; Mary Sibley and company will return on Sunday, April 5th, and Lucy Lawless and Stuart Townsend join the cast. You thought the first season was bizarre? Well, the season two teaser isn’t going to do anything to change your opinion. [Entertainment Weekly]


Keeping It Classy. We recently saw a tease of the upcoming Starz original series Blunt Talk, and now we have a little more to go on thanks to first photos from set. Patrick Stewart’s in the lead role as reporter Walter Blunt. What the photos tell me is that Stewart makes any outfit look classy as hell. [Deadline]

Hopes, Dreams, & Laughs. HBO has picked up a pilot for the comedy Brothers In Atlanta. It has quite the team involved with Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) writing and performing and Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids) and Jaden Smith (The Karate Kid) guest starring. The story centers on entertainers trying to make it in Georgia’s hottest city. [Deadline]

Dragging and Rushing. Whiplash star J.K. Simmons is taking the mic and hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and he’s already off tempo. He rushes through his SNL promos with cast member Kenan Thompson and I’m already laughing. This week’s musical guest is D’Angelo. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Put On Your Crown. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, chances are you already feel like royalty. Push that over the top and stream Starz’s The White Queen. Amazon Prime is the exclusive streaming home for the historical drama starring Rebecca Ferguson as Queen Elizabeth. Fingers crossed that this means more of the Starz library will come to the subscription service.

How do you think Daryl will handle that big thing that happened before The Walking Dead’s midseason break? Head to the comments and let us know without spoiling it for anyone else.

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