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Hello you humpday TV obsessives, and welcome to your Wednesday installment of the TV-Cap! We’ve got enough small screen news to shake a stick at (so go ahead and get to shakin’). Stuff like a clip from last night’s episode of The Flash that got us thinking, the news that a The Walking Dead fan favorite is heading to Law & Order:SVU, plus more tid ol’ bitties about The Bridge, Jane the Virgin, Sleepy Hollow, and more! Now if that’s not a satisfying and well-rounded buncha boobtube I don’t know what is, OK? So let’s get right to it!

An Orphan Heads Off-Broadway: Tatiana Maslany, head clone on BBC America’s Orphan Black, is slated to make her NYC theater debut in the off-Broadway premiere of Neil LaBute’s The Way We Get By. [Nerdist]

Things You Can’t Outrun: Yes friends, it’s true: there are some things that even The Flash cannot outrun. Did you see this moment in last night’s episode? Anyone else’s ears perk up when they started referencing Tahiti? All of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover dreams (and yes we know they’re not in the same universe MINOR DETAILS) have now entered our head. Please take to the comments to finagle how we can use Tahiti to get all of the superhero TV shows together in one place (except maybe Gotham, that feels like too much of a stretch). C’MON YOU’D LOVE IT, ADMIT IT.

Back in a Flash: Speaking of! The CW’s given the green light to a full season order for its runaway (get it? GET IT?!) hit, The Flash. More Grant Gustin! More superhero stuff! [Nerdist]

…It should also be noted that Jane the Virgin also got a full season order. Woo hoo! [Entertainment Weekly]

Tyreese Has Spousal Privilege: A Walking Dead fan favorite, Tyreese Williams — played by the talented Chad Coleman — has been nabbed by Law & Order:SVU (dun dun!) to tackle their ripped-from-the-headlines take on spousal abuse and domestic violence. Coleman will guest-star on the NBC series’ November 19th episode playing a football player-turned-reporter caught abusing his ex-girlfriend on camera — but no one wants these charges to get out in the news (including the ex-girlfriend). So…you’re saying there’s not going to be zombies or there are? I can’t tell. [TVLine]

That Time Shia Got Arrested: Bless dear Alan Cumming’s beautiful, lighthearted soul. The actor — who was and still is in Cabaret on Broadway — was performing when Shia LaBeouf got arrested in the audience. His retelling of the evening is juuuuust fantastic. The LaBeouf, you feel it in the air, you see:

American Horror Story: Costume: Take a look behind the scenes of all the work that goes into Lou Eyrich’s American Horror Story costumes — it’s so cool, it’s spooky. [Nerdist]

The Bridge to Nowhere: Sorry, fans of the FX’s border drama The Bridge — the show will end after this most recent season. Listen we love Diane Kruger as much as the next person but sometimes even good things go. The crime thriller drama market IS pretty chockablock these days. [Entertainment Weekly]

Barbara’s Fascination Returns: You know that thing Ms. Walters always does every year? The 10 Most Fascinating People television special? Yeah well don’t think it’s gone just because Babs has retired. Ha ha ha! No way, that impressive ol’ broad is still at it, and will parade another 10 celebrities out onto the small screen and declare them more interesting than you. Ooh! [Deadline]

Doctor Fieldtrip: Take a class trip with the Doctor, Clara, and Danny Pink in these latest images from Saturday’s new Doctor Who. [Nerdist]

Sleepy Photos: Feast your eyes on the latest photos from the upcoming (November 3rd) episode of Sleepy Hollow — the rest are at the link. Ichabod voted that you should. [TVLine]

So — who do you think Ichie over here voted for? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Images: AMC, Fox 

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  1. Absolutely in love with Sleepy Hollow, can’t wait for more!

  2. Ron Fatica says:

    Am I the only one to catch that the ‘Ronnie’ that was caught in the accelerator is none other than Ronnie Raymond?  (Firestorm)

    • Joe says:

      Doubt it. The news that Robbie Amell was being cast as Ronnie Raymond was announced back in the summer. 😉