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Oh, Tuesday. You trickiest day of the week — so filled with promise of optimized productivity and yet so annoying for not being anywhere close to the end of the week. You’re a tough nut to crack, but we’ll try anyway. Because this particular Tuesday brings great TV tidings to all you fans of this here TV-Cap: with tid ol’ bitties from the likes of Broad City, Orange is the New Black, and Saturday Night Live. To say nothing of the end of The League and Aaron Paul’s ridiculous, Breaking Bad-centric app.

So meaty, this one! Let’s dig right in to it.

The League Re-Ups to End: Sorry, fantasy football and comedy television enthusiasts, your bastion of glory — FX (and later FXX)’s The League — comes bearing gifts with a catch. The show has been renewed for a seventh, 13-episode season but that one will be its last. Thankfully you don’t have to wait to know how it’s all going to end. Co-creator Jeff Schaffer has already told us: “Spoiler alert: We already know how it will all end — with credits and the theme song.” [Deadline]

Is That the Girl from Arrested Development?: There are so many things to like about this behind-the-scenes video from Vanity Fair’s photoshoot with the coolest chicks on Comedy Central (don’t worry Amy Schumer you’re up there, too!), Broad City. But perhaps the most exciting is the tidbit that we’re going to meet Ilana’s parents this season and oh what a hilarious fresh hell those two weirdos (and/or total squares because it really could go either way, right? Parents make the darndest kids, I’m tellin’ ya!) are going to bring to the show. But the whole thing is worth a watch. The way they deconstruct being asked the question about whether or not they fight — “Do the Workaholics guys, or Key & Peele get asked about if they fight?” “I Hope they do” — was pretty A++, too. [Vanity Fair]

Stan Lee Will Appear: On Agent Carter because OF COURSE HE WILL, he’s Stan Lee and that’s a Marvel thing. [Nerdist]

The Girls Get Going: Serious question: are Jessa and Adam going to fall into each other’s lonesome arms now that Hannah has gone off to Iowa? Maybe that’s my own desire for the “constructs of romantic discord” (as the promo so astutely points out) that us TV viewers create (because DRAMA), but this latest promo for HBO’s Girls sure makes it seem as though Adam and Jessa are going to get into some coupled-up business that Hannah is sure to be less than keen to accept. Unless Gillian Jacobs’ role is way more serious and this is all a bunch of red herring business! Which is also a thing.

Hear Larry’s Side: We’ve all heard Piper’s story thanks to Netflix’s Orange is the New Black — well, the televised version at least — but now we’ve got Larry’s side with a new audiobook. You can decide for yourself upon listening if Jason Biggs nailed this guy’s characterization or not. [Entertainment Weekly]

Mark Hamill is a Real Trickster: Or at least he’ll play one yet again on The Flash. [Nerdist]

Saturday Night Live‘s Cut Sketch: It was allegedly cut for time but we’re sorta sad about it. Because, hoo boy, does everything in the world feel tarnished and terrible these days. Oh, Saturday Night Live: thanks for trying to make us laugh about all of this — it really does sorta make it better (even if only for a moment). We live in crazy times that seem to get crazier and crazier by the day. It’s like the LEGO Movie song “Everything is Awesome!!” ONLY NOT AT ALL.

Yo, Bitch: OK listen I love Aaron Paul and Jesse Pinkman will undoubtedly go down in TV history as one of the more tragic and fascinating characters of this decade but he really needs to slow his roll on the “yo, bitch” business lest he hopes to live the rest of his life attending fan conventions, still slinging that phrase because it’s the only thing he has left, you know what I mean? You’re worth more than that, Aaron. Anyway, he made an app so you can send all sorts of “[Insert Greeting Here], Bitch!” sayings to people. So that’s a thing. [People]

So how sad is everyone about The League ending? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Tom P says:

    I would love it if you could post things that people outside of America could watch. Australia is constantly passed over and we do our best to be sweet to you. We gave you the Babadook and Jim Jeffereys, amongst numorous other things. Please be kind and share with us.

  2. Shaun says:

    The League was the closest thing we could get to The State guys being themselves in sitcom form. I’ll miss it.