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TV-Cap: The Joker Teased for GOTHAM, Photos of Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, & More

Did you know today is Make a Friend day? Yes, February 11th is host to many peculiar and specialized holidays including one all about the opportunities a new friendship offers. I’m not so great at making friends and I don’t think a label on the calendar will help me today, but I can try to bribe you to be my friend by giving you the latest television news. Do we have a deal? Great! Go forth and learn about The Joker heading to the streets of Gotham, see a glimpse of what’s ahead on Orphan Black, look at Krysten Ritter in A.K.A. Jessica Jones, and much more.

Too Soon. Could The Joker be coming to Gotham? The last thing the all-over-the-place series needs is yet another Batman villain, but apparently there’s no stopping them. The teaser for the next episode, “The Blind Fortune Teller,” goes through a sequence of the villains already introduced – Catwoman, Penguin, the Riddler – and says Gotham’s next villain is “no joke.” Cut to an image of a character laughing maniacally. Sigh. [Entertainment Weekly]

She’s the Wild One. Dear Clone Club, how excited are you for April 18th? I can’t wait until Orphan Black returns for season 3. I’m so enthusiastic that I won’t even gripe about the fact that BBC America is baiting us with a 16 second teaser. The fleeting glimpse has me all wound up. Watch it right here on Nerdist.

A.K.A. Plainclothes. Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones introduces us to Jessica after her short-lived gig as a superhero, and she’s working as a detective. So, the first pictures of Krysten Ritter in the role aren’t the most sensational pictures in the world, but it’s neat to know she’s on set as Jessica Jones. See the photos at Comics Beat.


The One With Thomas Jefferson. The second season of Sleepy Hollow is nearly over, and the most recent episode ended on an intense cliffhanger. Listen to the latest SleepyCast and go in-depth with Clarke and the writers of “What Lies Beneath.”

Tell Me the Future. Vikings will be back on the History Channel with its third season on February 19th. It’s so close. We have questions and so does Lagertha. A first look at the season’s cold open shows Lagertha visiting the Seer to ask whether she will have another child. Watch the clip at TVLine to see if she learns the answer.

PaleyFest Panelists. PaleyFest 2015 kicks off on March 6th, and the Paley Center for Media has revealed who will be in attendance. Guys, there are so many awesome names on the list for the festival’s Outlander, Arrow, The Flash, and other panels. Review the complete line-up and buy tickets at PaleyFest’s website.


The Lucky Number 13. We’ve seen a few images from the midseason premiere of Once Upon a Time, but ABC has recently released a gallery of 13 new photos. Images from “Darkness on the Edge of Town” show Henry and Regina hard at work on Operation Mongoose, Rumplestiltskin looking like he’s in a rough position, and Emma and Hook continuing to be THE cutest. And they’re having dinner with Regina. Huh. See the entire gallery at Give Me My Remote.

Charming to the Last. If you’re someone who thinks Star Wars Rebels isn’t dark or is too Disney, the most recent episode will change your mind (actually, earlier episodes sent the message loud and clear). Tarkin made his first appearance on the animated series this week and things got so very real. Read my recap of “Call to Action.”

New Faces In the Four Lands. Did anyone else sort of forget that MTV was making The Shannara Chronicles? They are, and their adaptation of the novels by Terry Brooks is currently filming in New Zealand. Three new cast members have been added to the roster: Brooke Williams as Catania, Daniel MacPherson as Arion, and Marcus Vanco as Bandon. [Variety]

Do you want to see The Joker on Gotham? Scroll to the comments and share your opinions.

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  1. Shinn says:

    I’m sick of the whole ‘batman babies’ thing Gotham is trying to pull.It should have been a Gotham Central show, not this doomed to fail mess.

  2. kristen ritter is my jamjam

  3. Johnny says:

    And Gotham has jumped the Shark

  4. Sarah says:

    Cameron Monaghan from Shameless???????