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TV-Cap: THE FLASH Unmasks Zoom in New Photos

Who watched the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels last night? It was interesting to say the least. My brain is still racing through all the possibilities this morning, but I’m going to focus up for TV-Cap. Come on in to see photos from the next The Flash, to learn about Orphan Black teases from WonderCon, to see a Star Trek makeup line, and more.

ICYMI. WonderCon was buzzing with some snazzy sizzle reels (how many more zzs can I use in a sentence?), including ones for iZombie and Legends of Tomorrow. The remainder of the seasons for each series looks exciting, and the reels are cut for maximum teasing. Enjoy.

Such Teases. The cast and showrunners of Orphan Black appeared at WonderCon and brought teases. Oh yes, so many teases. We caught up with them in the press room, and you can read all their comments on Castor, Delphine, and more right here at Nerdist.

Can You Handle It? Everyone is all about live shows, and NBC’s next pick is Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men. Sorkin will adapt the script for a live format, and it will air in 2017. This is the truth. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Go Green. MAC Cosmetics is taking on the universe with a new line inspired by Star Trek. They’ll release a makeup collection apropos of the frontier of space in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Fancy. The 25-piece line will be influenced by some of the most kickass ladies in the series. [Nerdist, Image: MAC Cosmetics]

Oops. In Once Upon a Time, the Charmings left their baby behind in Storybrooke while they went to the Underworld. Yeah, I don’t get it either. The decision might come back to haunt them too. How, you ask? TVLine has the scoop.

ORLY. During a Q&A held after the Star Wars Rebels season finale, Dave Filoni answered a fan question about the identity of the Grand Inquisitor. He appeared in The Clone Wars and has quite the intriguing backstory—it ties into the Barriss and Ahsoka arc at the end of season five of the series. Read about the connection at Slashfilm.

Another Round. Cartoon Network has ordered more of Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa. Huzzah! They’ve given both original series fifth seasons.

What a Wednesday. Oh, Wednesday night, you have an excellent television line up. We have recaps to get you all caught up with the latest on Arrow (bees!), Supernatural (brother drama!), and Star Wars Rebels (Ahsoka vs. Darth Vader!).

A photo posted by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on

A Villain? Where there is Kevin Smith, there is Jason Mewes. It’s a rule. They’ve been pals for a long time, and Smith worked a cameo in for Mewes in The Flash episode he directed. He teased the cameo on Instagram. [Comic Book Resources]

Warning: Spoilers follow for The Flash. Stop reading now if you don’t already know the identity of Zoom.

Face to Face. Team Flash encounters Zoom in the appropriately titled “Versus Zoom.” The showdown will happen on April 19, so you have plenty of time to buckle in. See more pictures from the upcoming episode at Comic Book Resources. [Images: The CW]

How do you think Team Flash will deal with Zoom? Share your theories in the comments.


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