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TV-Cap: THE FLASH Takes a Beating from Doctor Light

It seems like everyone on The CW is up against an unbeatable adversary. The Flash and company are about to face Zoom, and Dean and Sam Winchester have to worry about the Darkness on Supernatural. Keep reading today’s TV-Cap for clips from both Flash and Supernatural, and peep an interview with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor about his Doctor Who role.

She’s Electric. Doctor Light is proving herself to be quite the formidable opponent. In a clip from “Enter Zoom,” she faces off against Barry Allen again and tries to deliver on her promise to take him down–permanently. I know there will be a way out because the series is called The Flash, but it’s going to be tricky. I hope the S.T.A.R. Labs crew can science a solution. [Comic Book Resources]

A Different Kind of King. Not many people can claim to be a metal singer and an alien warlord. Corey Taylor, lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour, can put that on his resume though since he’ll be appearing as the Fisher King in this season of Doctor Who. We talked with him how about the origin of the role and his history with Who. Read Joseph’s interview with Taylor here at Nerdist.

Tattoo Mysteries Continued. NBC’s not wasting time. They’ve already announced a second season for the Blindspot. The drama starring Jaimie Alexander has been scoring in the ratings department and is the first new series of the fall season to get an order for round two. [TV Fanatic]

Why Wait? Amara, a.k.a. The Darkness, is looming on the horizon, and the Winchesters don’t want to mess with the looming stage any longer. Well, not if Dean has his way. The next Supernatural, “Our Little World,” sees the brothers discuss the possibility of hitting Amara with everything they have, even if they don’t know what will actually be effective. Get a preview in the above clip. [ET Online]

Just This Once… Sometimes there are episodes of The Walking Dead where nobody dies. It happens, and the most recent episode was an example. It jumped around in time a little, too. As long as you’ve watched the episode and/or don’t care about spoilers, read Joseph’s review of “Now.”

Hope Goes a Long Way. John Constantine’s appearance on Arrow exceeded my expectations. I’d forgotten how damn perfect Matt Ryan is in the role, and I want more. A lot of people want more. Fans of the canceled Constantine want another network to pick up the supernatural drama, and they’ve used the recent Arrow crossover as an opportunity to launch a fresh petition to “Save Constantine.” I wonder if they have any magic spells handy. [Comic Book Resources]

On-Air. The CW is working on a new project with Olivia Munn on board as executive producer. The project isn’t titled yet but will center on a woman hired as one of the first female on-air sports reporters. The show would be set in 1974. Huh. [Variety]


Growing Undead Horde. It looks like AMC is gaining another title to expand its zombie catalog. Cover artist of George Romero’s Marvel comic Empire of the Dead, Arthur Suydam, spoke to WHAS 11 ABC in Louisville during a Wizard World convention and mentioned to them that the comic book had been picked up for television by AMC. The network hasn’t confirmed anything yet, and if the news is true, I sort of admire them for committing to the zombie thing so fully. [Nerdist]

Docu-Crime. Jessica Jones isn’t the only series Netflix is releasing in the near future; Making a Murderer will premiere on December 18. The crime documentary from directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos follows the story of Steven Avery. He was convicted for a murder and then later exonerated, but his story didn’t end there. [Slashfilm]

How do you think Barry will take down Doctor Light? Are you worried about the Darkness yet? Talk to me in the comments.

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