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TV-Cap: THE FLASH and SUPERGIRL Are Crossing Over

Get ready: The Flash and Supergirl are crossing over. I don’t know if the world can stand having Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist in the same superhero space, but we’ll see. Keep reading today’s TV-Cap to learn how the crossover is happening, to catch up on everything we know about the Gilmore Girls revival, to see a new Daredevil teaser image, and more.

A Shattered View. Netflix Italy’s Twitter account posted a teaser image for the next season of Daredevil. With Matt Murdock’s broken glasses, and the caption, “The balance of Hell’s Kitchen isn’t destined to last,” I can’t help but think of Punisher. How do you interpret the poster? [Comic Book Resources]

No More Testing. The testing site is now closed. WGN America has cancelled Manhattan. The second season of the atomic bomb drama ended in December, and there won’t be anymore episodes. [Vulture]

The Sassy Maid. Don’t worry, you’re not in a time slip. Fox is following up this past weekend’s Grease Live with The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a TV special. They’ve been lining up actors for all the key parts, and they’ve found their Magenta in Christina Milian (Grandfathered). [Deadline]

Really really. Flash is about to meet Supergirl. @melissabenoist

A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on

Visiting National City. The possibility of Supergirl crossing paths with Arrow or The Flash has been brought up since Supergirl was announced. Executive producers have answered several questions about the subject—like, several. But, all our pestering has paid off, because it’s happening! Barry Allen will drop by National City in the March 28 episode of Supergirl—you see, Barry can cross dimensions, while Kara cannot. I. Can’t. Wait. Watch Jessica Chobot break it down in the latest Nerdist News, embedded above. [Nerdist, Image: Grant Gustin]

That’s An Order. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Todd’s Pearl Street Films has sold a series to Syfy. The network has put in a 13-episode order for the futuristic thriller Incorporated. It will premiere in fall 2016. [Deadline]

Let’s Throw a Festival. The return of Gilmore Girls deserves some sort of festival a la the Stars Hollow Spring Fling, don’t you think? In lieu of that, let’s just catch up on everything we know about the Netflix revival so far.

What Could Have Been. Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special was rather wonderful with one exception: no Christopher Eccleston. It was a possibility though, and the storyboarder for the special, Andrew Wildman, created some scenes with Eccleston in the picture. The above image is an example storyboard, and you can see more here at Nerdist. [Image: Andrew Wildman]

Roll Out the Guests. Time flies. CBS’s The Big Bang Theory will cross the 200th episode milestone on February 25. They’re bringing in some recurring guest stars and a big ol’ name for the occasion: Adam West will make his first appearance on the series. Sara Gilbert, Wil Wheaton, and Christine Baranski will return too. [TVLine]

Pilot Mania. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the time of year where networks are picking up pilots and placing series orders; they’re prepping their schedules. CBS has given the greenlight for pilots for the MacGyver reboot that will follow a 20-something MacGyver and a series called Bull about Dr. Phil McGraw’s early days. [Variety]

A Dangerous Vacation. Part of Team Flash is making the journey to Earth-2 in the next episode of The Flash, conveniently called “Welcome to Earth-2.” The event introduces new characters such as Killer Frost and Deathstorm and the possibility for all sorts of Easter eggs. Keep your eyes peeled! []

She Barely Made It. Carol has become a fixture of The Walking Dead. Simultaneously motherly and a badass, she’s well liked by fans. But apparently, she almost died in the third season because writers didn’t know where to take her character. Whew. We dodged that bullet. Series executive producer Greg Nicotero shared this morsel with SFX Magazine. Read his complete comments right this way.

Do you think the world will explode from adorkableness when Kara and Barry meet? Tell me your thoughts about the crossover episode in the comments.


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