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TV-Cap: SUPERNATURAL Welcomes Back Rob Benedict, GOTHAM Introduces Azrael, and More

Paul Anka (the dog), King Shark, and a live Homer Simpson—a lot has happened in the past day or so in the realm of television news. Today’s TV-Cap has just the sort of distractions you need to get through any middle-of-the-week slumps you might be experiencing. Keep reading to learn about Rob Benedict coming back to Supernatural, the return of Gilmore Girls‘ resident unstable canine, Azrael’s look in Gotham, a live segment for The Simpsons, and so much more.

All the Poe! Disney XD aired a LEGO short featuring characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Monday. Titled “Poe to the Rescue,” the humorous story features the best pilot in the galaxy rescuing Ackbar from the First Order. This is the first short in the LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises series, though dates for further installments haven’t been added just yet. [Slashfilm]

A Live Q&A. The May 15 episode of The Simpsons will bring Homer Simpson to life… kind of. Three minutes of the episode will feature a live-to-air (but still animated, to be clear!) Homer taking questions from fans. He’ll be voiced by Dan Castellaneta and animated using motion capture technology. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Still Kicking. Lorelai Gilmore didn’t have the best reputation for keeping animals alive, so it was a bit of a miracle that her dog Paul Anka made it through the end of season seven of Gilmore Girls. It turns out her fluffy pal is still barking and happy and will be back for Netflix’s revival. [TVLine]

Sharking It Up. Next Tuesday’s The Flash will bring King Shark back to Central City. The character appeared briefly in the past, but now he gets the prized metahuman-of-the-week spotlight. They’re embracing the shark aspect, and the above promo for the episode is Jaws-themed. I’m so sold. [Screen Rant]

A Heart-to-Heart. Full House was known for it’s moving conversations between Danny Tanner, his daughters, and his entire family. We’ll likely see plenty of mushy talks in Fuller House, and we got a taste of what that will look like thanks to a cast appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Danny, Uncle Joey, Uncle Jesse, and everyone else tries to talk Donald Trump through his problems. [Variety]

Is It You, God? Sam and Dean haven’t been making much progress against the Darkness in Supernatural. At all. Sam prayed to God, and though he thought he got answers, the replies were actually from Lucifer. Oops. Lucifer’s out there, the Darkness is on the loose, and apparently Rob Benedict is coming back to the series in the 20th episode of season 11. Will we finally get confirmation of the popular fan theory that he’s God? I can’t wait to find out. [TVLine]

Inhuman-rrific. Season three of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return to ABC on March 8, and they have one heck of an Inhumans problem to deal with… still. A tease highlights the challenges Coulson, the Secret Warriors, and humanity face in the weeks ahead. [Nerdist]

Who’s Hungry? Food is one of the many important ingredients that goes into an episode of Gilmore Girls. (Yes, we’ve got two Gilmore Girls-themed entries this week. We’re excited. Give us a break.) Lorelai and Rory are always eating, and they’re usually devouring something unhealthy. If you’re ready to commit and have a movie night snack fest like the mother and daughter, I have tips for you on how to snack like the Gilmores.

Rewinding. This week has seen the series finale of Gravity Falls and a two-hour block of Agent Carter. And to think it’s only Wednesday! Read Benjamin’s review of the final episode of Gravity Falls and my recap of Agent Carter, which featured the return of Dottie Underwood.

Spoilers follow for Gotham. Stop reading if you don’t want to learn about who’s playing Azrael.

#TheoGalavan is coming back to #GOTHAM from #IndianHill.. as #AZRAEL.

A photo posted by #DC Extended Universe (@dcextendeduniverse) on

A Twist. Photos of Azrael have leaked from the set of Gotham. We knew the character would be showing up, but we didn’t know who had been cast in the role. It turns out James Frain’s Theo Galavan will be wearing the mask. Not so dead then after all? [Comic Book Resources]

Are you looking forward to seeing more of King Shark? What do you think Rob Benedict’s return means? Talk to me in the comments.


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