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TV-Cap: SUPERNATURAL Stars Play Favorites, GRRM’s Dream TV Crossover, Plus Moffat on DOCTOR WHO Season 9

Happy hump-day! I promise I won’t over-do it like the camel in those commercials. But we’re midway through the work week and oh, what a beautiful thing it is, isn’t it? Luckily we’re in no short news supply thanks to everything going on in the world of television — like how the ninth season of Doctor Who is going, which Supernatural episodes are the stars’ favorites, which other Gotham family is set to make an appearance, and why George R.R. Martin might take a break from writing The Winds of Winter to tackle a Boardwalk Empire/Downton Abbey fan fiction. (We’re only sorta kidding on that last one.)

And that’s merely the beginning! Today’s TV-Cap is a real winner, folks — let’s dig in.

Steven Moffat’s Back to Work: Pre-production and writing for the ninth season of Doctor Who — which literally just finaled on Saturday — has already begun and has been underway for quite some time, according to an interview with the series’ current showrunner, Steven Moffat. Oh and just to be clear: he will never, ever, ever put Sherlock and the Doctor together so stop asking. This video’s the best you’re ever going to get. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Gotham Loves Parents: Gee, Commissioner Gordon’s got some loose lips! Ben McKenzie let it slip (WOOPSIES!) that the parents of Batman’s sidekick Dick Grayson are apparently set to appear on the Fox drama. “The Grayson’s may appear this season. I’m not 100 percent sure yet, but I think so.” [The Daily Beast]

Supernatural Stars Pick Favorites: Did you know that Jensen Ackles’ favorite episode of Supernatural was Season seven’s 10th episode, “Death’s Door”? Or that Jared Padalecki’s was the oh so meta sixth season episode “The French Mistake” (episode 15)? Well now you do! And you could know more if you head on over to EW where the stars of the series play faves. Sidenote: perma-nincompoop Misha Collins’ favorite was a tie between the aforementioned meta-ry and “Everybody Hates Hitler” because of course. [Entertainment Weekly]
Also let’s not forget this happened last night:

Speaking Of: Kyle Anderson went to the set of Supernatural and got to chat to everyone about their 200th episode that aired last night. FANCY! [Nerdist]

Amazon’s 7 New Pilots are Here: No doubt hoping to make the sort of splash that Transparent did this year, the content creator’s plans for their 2015 pilot slate include some really varied stuff. From their first ever docu-series — The New Yorker Presents, a half-hour pilot that includes a short film starring Alan Cumming, a poem by Matthew Dickman and a documentary from Jonathan Demme — to a comedy starring Leslie Bibb that came from their open submission policy — Salem Rogers — and even an hourlong drama from Sam Shaw of Manhattan fame (Kudos, Sam!) called Cocked starring True Blood‘s Sam Trammell alongside Jason Lee and Brian Dennehy. Perhaps most notable, though is The Man in the High Castle, the one-hour drama based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 novel. [Variety]

George R.R. Martin Wishes Nucky Met the Dowager: While being interviewed, the author had some interesting thoughts about two very different shows. “Sometimes it fascinates me — watching Boardwalk Empire, it starts in the 1920s, and Downton Abbey is the same period. So these Downton Abbey people are worrying about how to get good help and all that; meanwhile, Nucky and Al Capone are fighting each other right over there, and Nucky even travels to Ireland. What if they met? I have all these thoughts about the world beyond the story, you know? You watch some of the screwball comedies of the ’30s, the musicals, and this is around the same time Hitler was being elected in Germany. Were the showgirls cognizant of Hitler being elected in Germany? Each of these stories is its own universe, but there’s always a wider world.” I’d tell you to write a fan fiction about it, GRRM, but then that’d take you away from The Winds of Winter, so… [Vulture]

Interstellar Scribe Goes Asimov: HBO has teamed up with Jonathan Nolan (brother of that other guy) to bring Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series to the network. HOOO BOY, that’s a mighty large undertaking. Start dreamcasting Hari Seldon now, kids. [UPROXX]

USA Sets Their Stage: It’s cancellation for Franklin and Bash and a 3rd season renewal for Graceland. Now WHERE IN SAMHELL is that Playing House renewal, USA? Don’t make us sick Bosephus on you. [USA Today]

The First Family of Dysfunction Returns: Yes, Sharon Osbourne has stated that the first celebrity family to let cameras into their lives will return to MTV for a 6-8 episode season of their series. For what it’s worth I totally have the first season on DVD: who didn’t love The Osbournes? [People]

So — what’s YOUR favorite Supernatural episode? Excited for the return of The Osbournes? Leave it in the comments.

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  1. Favorite Supernatural episode: Swan Song, though the French Mistake was comedy gold.

  2. Rory August says:

    Favorite SPN = Mystery Spot, always!