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TV-Cap: SUPERGIRL Schedule Switch, Stream LEGEND OF KORRA from Nickelodeon, and More

Today’s TV-Cap is overflowing with videos, photos, and news, so let’s not waste any time. Distract yourself from the fact that it’s Monday and continue onward to learn about a change in Supergirl’s airing schedule, to get a link to watch every episode of The Legend of Korra for free, to see photos from this week’s Supernatural (Sheriff Donna is back!), and more.

Shifting Schedule. The horrifying events in Paris have led to a change in the Supergirl schedule. The episode that was going to air this Monday (November 16), “How Does She Do It,” featured a plot about bombings in National City. It’s been pulled and instead “Livewire” will air in its place. You can meet the villain in the above preview. [Supergirl.TV]

Out of Left Field. The recent episode of Doctor Who took a different approach with sort of meh results. If you’ve watched it, read Kyle’s review of “Sleep No More” and share your thoughts on the story in the comments.

Fatherly Appearance. Abbie Mills tracked down her father in the current season of Sleepy Hollow, and we’re about to meet him. James McDaniels has been cast as Ezra Mills in the supernatural series on Fox, and he’ll be showing up in the second half of the season. [TVLine]

Conducting Experiments. When It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns to FXX for Season 11 (I know!) on January 6, they’ll be doing important work—important work like enjoying wine directly from an I.V. bag. That’s just one of several gags present in the trailer. I think we’re in for a treat. [Nerdist]

From Time Travel to the City. Tune into Gotham tonight, November 16, to see a familiar face—well, it’s familiar if you’re a Whovian. Michelle Gomez, a.k.a. Missy on Doctor Who, is playing The Lady on Gotham. This season is all about villains so I’m guessing she’s one of those. [Nerdist]

Bend This. If watching The Legend of Korra has been on your list (and it really should be), then get thee to Nickelodeon and return to the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. They have every episode of the series available to stream online for the Thanksgiving season. Go ahead and clear your weekend calendar now. [Max Nicholson]

Multiverse Hopping. With the portal to Earth-2 open in Central City, you have to wonder whether we’ll be visiting the alternate world in the current season of The Flash. Grant Gustin recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and hinted at the possibility saying, “It sounds like we’re going to be making an Earth-2 trip in the future at some point this season.” He hinted that it could involve meeting Barry Allen’s doppelganger. Interesting. [Nerdist]

Sheriff Donna! Supernatural has some fan favorites who find their way back into the series, and one of those is Sheriff Donna. She made her first appearance in Season 10, and she’ll be back in Wednesday’s “Plush.” She calls the Winchesters for assistance when some supernatural mischief and mayhem starts happening in her town. See more images from the episode at TV Fanatic. [Images: The CW]

Lashing Out. Want to learn more about how Lash comes to life on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? A new featurette features Mark Kolpack talking about bringing elements from both parts of Lash into the transformation process and making it look painful. It’s very Hulk-like and intense. [Nerdist]

Getting the Scoop. Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg stopped by Nerdist News, and while she was in the studio, we asked her all the questions about the upcoming Marvel series (it arrives on Netflix this Friday, November 20). Watch the above video to hear her thoughts on superhero PTSD, Krysten Ritter, and more. [Nerdist]

A Reunion. Last week’s Star Wars Rebels was Hera-centric, and this upcoming episode, “Blood Sisters,” looks to be all about Sabine. A Mandalorian from her past has come back into the picture, and it’s not the happiest of reunions.

Will you be watching The Legend of Korra again or for the first time since it’s all online? Let me know in the comments.

Featured Image: Nickelodeon

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