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TV-Cap: STAR TREK Beams Up Bryan Fuller, FULLER HOUSE Gets a Trailer, and More

It’s an interesting day when television news includes updates on the new Star Trek series and a trailer for Fuller House. We’re covering both blasts from the past in today’s TV-Cap, along with a Fear the Walking Dead deleted scene, casting updates for Preacher and the Archie Comics series, and more.

Back Together. Are you ready to be reunited with the Tanners? Fuller House arrives on Netflix on February 26, and a new trailer shows that not much has changed. Well, not much besides the ages of the primary cast and where they are in their lives. (But that Full House feeling is exactly the same.) The focus is on D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler as the three band together to raise the recently widowed D.J.’s kids. Even if there’s a lot of cheese, I’m on board. [Nerdist]

Holy Easter Eggs. The Flash made the journey to Earth-2, and the episode was filled with surprises. There were doppelganger antics, shocking reveals, and some unexpected relationships. It was a blast. Read Joseph’s review of “Welcome to Earth-2.”

Starry Voltron. Netflix is teaming up with DreamWorks Animation to launch a new Voltron animated series. Voltron: Legendary Defender doesn’t have a premiere date just yet, but they do have a logo and we got an exclusive look. What do you think of the galactic image? [Nerdist, Image: Netflix]

Sisterly Deeds. Once Upon a Time is apparently going to dive into the pasts of Regina and Zelena in the back half of season five. They’ve cast Ava Acres as a young Regina and Isabella Blake-Thomas as a young Zelena. The girls will be ages 10 and 12 in the story. [TVLine]

Making an Entrance. Things are lining up for DC Super Hero Girls. Target is exclusively launching a big collection of merchandise this spring, and the 44-minute TV special will be released around the same time. It will air on Boomerang, and digital animated shorts will be listed on Cartoon Network’s CN App. [Comic Book Resources]

Engage! CBS’ new Star Trek series has scored quite the catch by bringing in Bryan Fuller as showrunner. He has to be busy with American Gods, but if he can make time to work on the upcoming Trek, I won’t question it. Jessica Chobot discusses the announcement in the latest Nerdist News, plus how adorable is Bryan Fuller in his Starfleet uniform? [Nerdist, Image: Bryan Fuller]

A Very Young Doctor. The role of the Doctor seems like an appealing challenge for actors, and one that Maisie Williams might be interested in pursuing. When asked by The Evening Standard if she’d want to be Doctor Who‘s next lead, she said yes!… with a few conditions: “It would be cool, but right now I’m locked into some other things. I think a female Doctor would be incredible. I think a black Doctor would be incredible. I’m all for Idris Elba – but if not I’ll take it for the team and do it!” I agree with her that we need a female Doctor. [Nerdist]

What a Name. AMC’s Preacher is bringing in Odin Quincannon (such a fantastic name), antagonist of Jesse Custer, and they’ve cast Jackie Earle Haley in the role. If that name sounds familiar, he played Rorschach in Watchmen. [Nerdist]

Jughead and Betty. On a different comic book casting front, The CW’s adaptation of Archie Comics, titled Riverdale, is knee-deep in finding actors for the pilot. They’ve already figured out two of the four leads. Lili Reinhart will play Betty Cooper, and Cole Sprouse will play Jughead Jones. [Nerdist, Image: Cole Sprouse]

Another Clue. Fear the Walking Dead has plenty of mysteries to untangle, and one of them revolves around what Victor Strand is about. A deleted scene that will be part of the season one Blu-ray and DVD features a run-in between Strand and Liza; it doesn’t give away any secrets about who he is but it certainly adds to the picture. [Nerdist]

Claiming the Throne. Starz is going back to the world of The White Queen. They’re moving forward with a sequel, The White Princess. Like the first series, The White Princess will be based on Philippa Gregory’s novels. Set in 1485, the story follows the marriage between Elizabeth and Henry and explores the power of the House of Tudor. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Stealing a Bomb. Both the Strategic Scientific Reserve and Whitney Frost pursued the same goals in Tuesday’s Agent Carter. Their paths crossed a couple of times, but who came out ahead? Read my recap of “The Atomic Job.”

Does Bryan Fuller being on board make you more optimistic about the Star Trek reboot? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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