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TV-Cap: Sign a Petition to Get AGENT CARTER on Netflix

Hope springs eternal when you love a television series. When something gets canceled these days, it’s not necessarily the end, because there are streaming services like Netflix and Hulu to pick things up. Could Agent Carter be saved by streaming? Read today’s TV-Cap to learn about a petition to save the Marvel series, to see a trailer for season two of Mr. Robot, to get an update on more X-Files, and more.

Worth a Try. As you probably know, ABC canceled Marvel’s Agent Carter. It’s not a decision I agree with. Though the series is quite different from the current Marvel slate on Netflix, it’s hard not to wonder if Peggy Carter could find a new home there. Arnau S. has decided to show Netflix, ABC, and Disney just how much interest there is with a petition on Getting signatures doesn’t guarantee anything, but it does provide numbers and those can help. You can add your name here.

Adjustment Issues. What happens when you return from life as an epic warrior to reunite with your family in Orange County, California? That’s what Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Son of Zorn is all about, and it blends live-action and animation. Fox dropped a trailer for the upcoming comedy, and I’m definitely amused. [Nerdist]

A New Foe. When BBC’s Sherlock returns with season four, there will be a new villain for Sherlock and Watson to face. We don’t know which Arthur Conan Doyle character it will be, but we know he’ll be played by Toby Jones. [Nerdist]

From Film to TV. Buckaroo Banzai could be the next film to be turned into a television series. Kevin Smith pitched the idea to MGM, and now they’re shopping for a home for the series. He said on Hollywood Babble-On that the first season would be an adaptation of the entire movie and then season two would be a sequel. [Comic Book Resources]

Will It Change? Season two of USA’s Mr. Robot looks like it’s going to be at least as bananas as season one. Probably more so, since Elliot, fsociety, and the world have to deal with the fallout of the Five/Nine hack. The first full trailer for the season touches on the craziness ahead and features President Barack Obama. Season two will debut on July 13. [Nerdist]

Specialized Streaming. Need more films and TV from the United Kingdom in your life? You may be in luck because BBC and ITV are developing a streaming service focused on British content. Tentatively titled Britflix, the platform could include series such as Downton Abbey and Sherlock. [Nerdist]

Done or Not Done? Fox brought back The X-Files this year but the limited series ended on a cliffhanger. It won’t return for the next TV season though according to Fox CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman, they’re hoping they’ll be able to announce more installments to premiere in fall 2017 or spring 2018. Keep believing. [Nerdist]

Not Your Average Town. Annville, Texas might seem like a sleepy small town, but instead, the home of Jesse Custer’s church in Preacher is a hotbed for weirdness. A new trailer for the AMC series highlights some of the strange residents and characters we’ll be meeting when the show premieres on May 22. [Nerdist]

Like a Storm. Prison Break is returning to Fox, and the network has dropped a trailer for the revival. Given that I haven’t watched Prison Break, I’m confused because I see Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller as Heat Wave and Captain Cold. But no, they’re Lincoln and Michael and they’re escaping again. Prison Break will return midseason, so likely sometime around January-March 2017. [TVLine]

Too Much. Hugo Strange didn’t just bring Fish Mooney back in Monday’s Gotham; he gave her some powers. Dude, come on. Read Sydney’s recap of “Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles” to learn about all the craziness.

Do you think a petition will help Agent Carter make the move? How about that Mr. Robot season two trailer? Talk to me in the comments.

Featured Image: ABC

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