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TV-Cap: SHIELD’S Grant Ward’s Identity Confirmed, Vixen Debuts on ARROW, and More

We have quite the week ahead. The finale of The X-Files is airing Monday night, King Shark is coming to The Flash as the metahuman of the week, and Vixen is transitioning from the animated series to a live-action appearance on Arrow. Outside of photos and clips for that, today’s TV-Cap has promos for season two of Daredevil, news on how you can rent the American Horror Story Murder House, and more.

Stay with Style. Remember the Murder House from the first season of American Horror Story? Like you could forget. The grand home is available to rent on Airbnb for a mere $1,450 a night. It can host at least 16 people, so you could gather your nearest and dearest friends for a low key gathering or even a business retreat. [Variety]

Where’s Mulder? A clip from the next episode of The X-Files, which is the finale of the limited series, shows Scully is concerned–jumpy, even. That’s not usually how Scully acts. Hmm. [Nerdist]

Staying True. Syfy’s The Magicians has put a more grown-up spin on the concept of magic school. They’ve adapted the Les Grossman series, and the cast and executive producers discussed how closely the show follows the books and more at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in January. Read what they had to say right this way.

Nowhere Is Safe. Apparently nowhere is safe in Fear the Walking Dead. We know Strand and company are planning to escape via a yacht, but a new teaser shows heading to sea isn’t enough. Like I wasn’t already scared enough of the ocean. The Walking Dead spinoff will debut on April 10 on AMC. [Nerdist]

Staying Sharp. Another movie star is headed to the small screen. Amy Adams has agreed to take the lead in an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. The series doesn’t have a home yet, but with Adams as the star, I can’t imagine it will take long to find one. [Slashfilm]

Animal Instinct. Damien Darhk has kidnapped Oliver’s son on Arrow, and Oliver turns to an old friend for help. Megalyn Echikunwoke will appear on Wednesday’s episode as Vixen. She voices the character on the CW Seed animated series of the same name. See tons of images from the episode here at Nerdist. [Images: The CW]

Something in the Water. King Shark returns to Central City in Tuesday’s The Flash, and it’s for much longer than a brief cameo. John and Lyla Diggle crossover to give Barry a heads-up and to assist Team Flash (and look out for ARGUS’ interests) and craziness ensues. Catch more pics from the episode at Nerdist. [Images: The CW]

Karen and Foggy. Daredevil returns with season two on March 18, and Netflix’s latest promos for the Marvel series focus on the non-powered but very important Foggy and Karen. The handful of words posted alongside each tease say so much. [Nerdist]

Yikes. Italia Ricci arrives on Supergirl Monday as Siobhan Smythe, also known as Silver Banshee. Entertainment Tonight shared the first official photo of the character in the role, and I have to say she looks terrifying. I wouldn’t want to face her. [Nerdist, Image: CBS]

A Rivalry. The next episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, airing Monday, February 22, was written and directed by Vince Gilligan. We have an exclusive clip showing Howard checking in on Chuck. [Nerdist]

Welcome, Jesus. Sunday’s The Walking Dead introduced a new character from the comics. Jesus arrived on the scene and made an impression—he literally took the wheel by stealing a truck. Read Joseph’s review of “The Next World.”

Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you don’t want to know Grant Ward’s villain identity on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Reanimated, Reinvented. Grant Ward is the thorn in the side that never gets pulled out. He nearly died recently, but he was saved, so to speak, by The Beast. Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons) appeared at Wizard World Portland on Sunday and said, “..and now Ward is Hive and takes on the memories of people he’s killed, so that’s going to have some interesting situations.” It’s the first confirmation we’ve had of his new identity and brings Hive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. [Comic Book Resources]

Did you suspect Grant Ward was Hive? Are you looking forward to seeing more of King Shark? Talk to me in the comments.


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