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TV-Cap: SHERLOCK & DOCTOR WHO Decorate Bears, New ARCHER Promo, Plus GOTHAM’s Gordon Gets Meta

Happy Wednesday, ya silly television obsessives here at Nerdist, you! It’s a — as they say — new dawn, new day, and new life for all of us here. And guess what? We’re feeling good. Particularly with a TV-Cap as seemingly random as this. We’ve got bits and baubles of the small screen variety that are sure to tickle your fancy. From Paddington Bear Paddington Trail contributions from Sherlock and Doctor Who (so adorable), to Ben McKenzie dressing up as a different Gotham‘s Commissioner Gordon (also adorable), today’s round-up is just the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Bear-y, Bear-y Good: It’s amazing how cute things rule everything around us. I mean, isn’t the world just a better, happier place when adorable things take center stage? Of course, is the answer. Don’t even try and play like that isn’t the whole truth and nothing but the truth (so help us cod)! The Paddington Trail in London is the perfect example of this. And yes it is a real thing. It’s a trail of celebrity-designed Paddington Bears and really that’s all you need to know, but how’s about the added incentive that Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Who himself, Peter Capaldi, also got in on the designing fun? ALL OF THE CUTE, you guys. All of it!



Honestly everything is better in bear form. Test me on this.

Speaking of Who…: There’s a new trailer for the second half of the Doctor Who finale. Everybody get ready to have very strong, very polar opposite opinions on it! [Nerdist]

Gotham Gets Meta: Thank you, Ben McKenzie, Detective Gordon from Gotham, for dressing up as Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon from another iteration of that Bat-City. [io9]


Cameron Diaz is Hosting SNL: Mark your calendars for November 22nd and get ready for SO MANY ANNIE REFERENCES. [TVLine]

Like to Watch Children Cry?: Jimmy Kimmel’s got you covered:

Spending Time with GRRM: This interview with George R.R. Martin is pretty great, though as someone who’s a born and bred New Havenite I have to just tell him that if he really wanted excellent clam pizza he should’ve gone to Sally’s and had Modern’s Italian Bomb and/or mashed potato pizzas because, well, do I really need to say why? [Vulture]

Archer Minus ISIS (Sorta): Who ISN’T excited for the return of the best spy on television? (Don’t tell me you aren’t lest you want me to declare you a monster.)

The Blood Works…When You’re Not a ZOMBIE!: The latest episode of Scott Ian’s Bloodworks involves him getting zombiefied on the set of The Walking Dead which is apparently something we need to add to our bucket list now. Who knew? [Nerdist]

Felicity Goes Dark: Arrow‘s main lady clearly had a goth phase, eh? Girl join the club.


Bow Down: Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan’s BBC Two series, The Fall, was truly excellent television in season one and the forthcoming second season is sure to be a delightful doozy. Also her commentary on people’s opinions on her character DSI Stella Gibson is fantastic, just look: “It always surprises me when interviewers want to talk about Gibson and sex and her picking up this guy. Why is this so shocking in our society, when it’s 2014, that a woman clearly chooses to be single, and has a desire to have a one-night or two-night stand? Why is it shocking that a professional woman of a certain age should do something like that?” I mean, c’mon. BOSS BOSS BOSS BOSS. Also the first season is on Netflix so you have no excuse. [Telegraph]

And Finally: Brian Williams is the hardest hitting journalist on television.

So — how would you decorate your own Paddington Bear (yes, we’re still stuck on the bear thing)? Let us hear in the comments!

Image: BBC

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