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Oh what a day this Wednesday is, huh, TV-Cap fans? Why just this time yesterday we weren’t all that sure we’d have a lot of news to talk about in this here round-up, but what a difference a few hours can make! Now we’re chockablock with stuff, like videos from Parenthood and Portlandia; news on a Queer as Folk reunion; the renewal of HBO’s Girls, and even a seemingly major casting update from Orange is the New Black. And honestly that’s merely scratching the surface of this stuff — so you KNOW it’s going to be good.

So let’s just roll with it, shall we? There’s a lot to go over today. ONWARD!

We’re NOT READY: The final four episodes of Parenthood are upon us. Are you ready? Because we’re not. DAMN YOU JASON KATIMS TEAR FACTORY! Spoilers ahoy, my friends and Bravermans. [TVLine]

A Queer Reunion: Man, this year’s ATX Festival is going to be the place to be for TV reunions, isn’t it? As if the Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek (writer’s) reunions weren’t enough to spin us all into nostalgia-based hyperdrive, now there’s news that Showtime’s landmark series, Queer as Folk, will also have a reunion in Texas. Creators Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman will be there, as will Gale Harold (Brian), Peter Paige (Emmitt), Robert Gant (Ben), Michelle Clunie (Melanie), Thea Gill (Lindsay), and Scott Lowell (Ted) — someone this writer has a particular fondness for thanks to us having gone to the same high school. So, you know: exciting stuff and things! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Orange You Glad There’s a New Cast Mate?: Oh man, the jokes today! Anywho, we’ve got another new face coming to Litchfield this season on Orange is the New Black, and she’s sure to be breaking more than a couple hearts. Model and DJ Ruby Rose — an Australian chick! — is allegedly going to come between Netflix’s will-they-won’t-they couple, Piper and Alex, this season. UH OH! [BuzzFeed]

Breaking the Ice: There are more Vikings coming your way, fans of the History Channel show. And now we’ve got a teaser ahead of its 10-episode return on Thursday, February 19th at 10/9c.

Jurassic Parks and Recreation: Yes, this really is everything you want it to be and more. [Nerdist]

The Starting Line: EVERYONE’s — and I mean literally everyone this isn’t so much a matter of opinion as it is social science and therefore FACT — favorite animal-based sporting event, the 2015 Puppy Bowl, has announced its 55-puppy strong starting line-up and LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. Let me tell you. These little angel nuggets of slobbery heaven are just THE CA-YOOOTEST friggen things you’ve ever seen. Sorry we’re not sorry if you’re stuck talking in a baby voice for the rest of the day. [Animal Planet]

Blake Shelton Makes it a Double: Har har har, see what we did there, people who know Blake Shelton loves to drink (and sing about it)? Alco-humor! (NAIELD IT!) Anywhoozles, the world’s tallest country singer and The Voice judge will serve as both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live on January 17th so happy birthday to me, I guess. [Deadline]

Game of Thrones Goes IMAX: And it’s the first-ever TV show to do so! (And no, before you try and correct us: Doctor Who wasn’t in IMAX). [Nerdist]

More Girls: Yes, that is correct! Everyone’s favorite television punching bag and platform for Lena Dunham’s neurosis, HBO’s Girls, has been renewed for a fifth season ahead of its fourth season premiere (which is this weekend). The network’s head honcho Michael Lombardo announced it on Monday night at a fancy party for the show. So at least we’ll know we have more Shoshanna to look forward to — to make up for all the Marnie singing business. [Slashfilm]

A Feminist Dance-Off: Goodness gracious, we are so obsessed with Portlandia. I mean, aren’t you? Who isn’t? Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are the best, particularly in their feminist bookstore recurring sketches. And as it turns out? We’re going to get a look at the duo’s origin story (and very hostile beginnings) this season. GASP!

Cocaine’s a Hell of a Drug: Lookie here! An exclusive clip from Archer! [Nerdist]

So — who else is rooting for TEAM RUFF in the Puppy Bowl? Let’s all pow wow in the comments.

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