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TV-Cap: Peter Capaldi Wants a New TARDIS, a MARRY ME Exclusive Look, Plus Ser Pounce: Total Diva?

It’s Tuesday! And we’re so excited about all the fun things in store for you, our beloved TV-Cap readers, that we’re just going to cut right to the chase: we’ve got some photos from the set of NBC’s Marry Me, a look at the sort of TARDIS Doctor Who‘s Peter Capaldi would have were he allowed his druthers, and, of course, the worst news of all: apparently Game of Thrones‘ King Kitty wasn’t such a puuuurrrrrfect castmate (sorry about that, on all fronts).

So let’s dig in!

Exclusive Photos from Marry Me: Yesterday — because life is very exciting and delightfully strange and we have one of the best jobs in the world (Sorry?) — we spent part of the day on the set of NBC’s Marry Me. You know, that show from David Caspe who did Happy Endings? Starring the incredibly funny and charming Casey Wilson and Ken Marino? Well, we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Annie’s dads’ (Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky) place and it is REALLY quite delightful. And yes/don’t worry there’s plenty of delightfully subtle phallic art because of course. Also their Thanksgiving episode airs TONIGHT and you should watch it. There’s some stuff with some cheese, and well, we’ll just leave it at that.

Doctor Just Who Exactly Designed This?: Just because Peter Capaldi is a very, very devout fan of Doctor Who doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want to put his own personal spin on the doctor’s iconic time machine. In fact, the actor spoke out about his own aesthetic wants for his TARDIS — which he said was “essentially Matt [Smith’s]” — saying essentially they’re the opposite of the mad blue box’s current state: “it has a sort of Edwardian look about it – not the actual console – it’s the bits and pieces lying around. Cricket bats, maps and odds and ends and things. There’s a Jules Verne quality to it – I would like to make it more Bauhaus.” Bauhaus? Whhooooaaaaa there, Walter Gropius! [The MarySue]

Community to Totally Britta Family: Shooting on the sixth season of Community began on Monday (a/k/a yesterday), which means we’re about to see a heck of a lot of guest star announcements in our future. First up? Britta’s parents! They’re set to be played by Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren. George and Deb Perry will make their Yahoo Screen debut in the second episode of the season. [Entertainment Weekly]

More Peter Pan LIVE: Now with singing! And dancing! And more Christopher Walken in a wig than your heart could’ve ever imagined it wanted! The clip, from what we can only assume must be some truly spectacular rehearsals, shows we’re in for a real Hook-up (haha see what we did there hey wait don’t throw us off this cliiiiiiiiiiiiii—). Good lord are we the only ones excited to watch this exercise in televised insanity? (Also we mean that in the best way we swear? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Where He Leads, She Will Follow: OK sorry for the Gilmore Girls reference but sometimes a lady just can’t help herself, alright? Plus it works out really well for this next bit of news about Kurt Sutter’s next project — The Bastard Executioner, whatta subtle title — because she’s going to be in it! No idea in what capacity, but an FX series about a warrior knight in King Edward III’s charge is going to need some sort of boss lady to be at odds with, right? [TVLine]

The Blacklist‘s Super Bowl Super Villain: I mean there will never, ever be a better choice for a TV show baddie than Ron Perlman and honestly that’s not so much opinion as it is cold, hard science because I mean does anyone do terrifying better? I think not. Perlman will play “Luther Braxton, a meticulous thief who plans his international heists over the course of several months or years. The ruthless baddie creates great diversions and chaos to get what he wants — that is, until he faces off with Red Reddington.” That hat collection would throw pretty much anyone off though, to be fair. [TV Guide]

Ser Pounce was a Diva: Game of Thrones‘ Natalie Dormer was a bit of a buzzkill during her Reddit AmA, saying “Ser Pounce was a bit of a diva that day, he didn’t want to stay on the bed, he was very difficult to work with.” I refuse to believe this, Dormer. REFUSE! [Vulture]

And Finally: There’s a new trailer for Marco Polo you’re going to want to check out: [Nerdist]

What would YOUR TARDIS look like? Tell us about it in the comments.

GIF Credit: Science Vs. Romance/Tumblr

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