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TV-Cap: No Olsen Twins in FULLER HOUSE, a Bill Murray Christmas Special on Netflix, & More

If you’re joining us from the Unites States, happy Memorial Day! If you’re visiting from somewhere else, happy Monday! Holiday or not, the news doesn’t stop and we have a few trailers and some tidbits for you to catch up on. Continue reading to get an update about the Full House reunion, to see an epic gif from Saturday’s Orphan Black, to learn about A Very Murray Christmas, and more.

Aw, Nuts. The Tanner family is almost all back together for Netflix’s Full House sequel, Fuller House. The 13-episode season will bring back Candace Cameron Bure as D.J., Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie, Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler, Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone, and maybe others. However, the cast will not include a reappearance from Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen as Michelle Tanner. Awww. John Stamos, producer on Fuller House, said he was #heartbroken about the decision but understands their decision to skip the reunion. [TV Fanatic, gif via Disney Channel Freak]

Choose a Face. Game of Thrones has pulled back the curtain to show one of the secrets in the House of Black and White: the Hall of Faces. The creepy room is filled with columns holding thousands of faces–I predict this decor will replicated at Halloween parties for years to come. But could a room like this actually exist? Our own Sarah Keartes takes a look.

Snow Ruins Everything. Do you know what the holiday season needs? More Bill Murray. I think most everything in life could be improved with a little Bill Murray, actually. Netflix understands this and they are bringing a special treat to us this holiday season: A Very Murray Christmas. The festive celebration written by Murray, Sofia Coppola (she’s also directing), and Mitch Glazer is “an homage to the classic variety show featuring Bill Murray playing himself, as he worries no one will show up to his TV show due to a terrible snow storm in New York City.” Guest stars include Amy Poehler, George Clooney, Jason Schwartman, Rashida Jones, Miley Cyrus, and many more. [Slashfilm]

Prepare to Binge. Summer is basically here and for some of you, that means lazy days are ahead. If you find yourself with a big chunk of free time and it’s too hot to go outside, you can always turn to Netflix. The streaming service has put out their list of new releases for June, and they have movies like Nightcrawler and TV series like Season 3 of Orange is the New Black. Get the complete schedule here.

A Warrior Knight. There is always a place for period dramas on television, and this fall will add another title to the list. FX has ordered a 10-episode first season of Kurt Sutter’s (creator of the Sons of Anarchy) The Bastard Executioner. It’s set in the late Middle Ages and will follow a warrior knight serving King Edward I who tries to put aside violence but can’t. It sounds like there will be a lot of blood. Cast members include Stephen Moyer and Katey Sagal. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Look Ahead. Season 2 of Halt and Catch Fire arrives on Sunday, May 31. The series is changing gears for Season 2 and is all about the dawn of the Internet and the start-up environment. Donna and Cameron’s new venture will play a big role in the upcoming story. The above video provides a behind-the-scenes look ahead at the next season.

Let’s Dance. Just when you think you have some answers about anything happening in Orphan Black, the game changes. Like, completely. Saturday’s episode (that aired on May 23) featured some epic dancing (see the above gif) but also tragedy. Read Alicia’s recap of “Certain Agony of the Battlefield.”

Getting Real. Investigation Discovery, a channel all about true crime, is going in a dramatic direction–so to speak. They’re debuting their first original scripted drama soon with Serial Killer: Angel of Decay. According to Deadline, the three-part miniseries focuses on a “magnetic, charming guy [who] is dispatching lovely young women in the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s.” The miniseries will air at 10:00pm from June 7-9. [Deadline]

What are you planning to watch on Netflix next month? Tell me in the comments!

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