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This is a big edition of the TV-Cap, you guys. Big, Huge! We’ve got details on Nick Offerman heading to Fargo (maybe!), Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Preacher pilot order at AMC, a photo from the set of Orphan Black and Powers, plus a casting update from Sleepy Hollow.

And, oh yeah, that doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that Marvel announced Agent Carter‘s premiere will be two hours long!

Busy thing is busy! So let’s hop right into it.

Preach On, Seth and Evan: Well look at that! Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s attempt to turn Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s ’90s comic book series, Preacher, has been given the pilot episode green light over at AMC. It’ll be showrun by Sam Caitlin from Breaking Bad so, you know — this is all a very exciting thing! Fingers crossed it’ll get picked up to series? (Pretty please, AMC? With like, a cherry on top? Maybe two?) [Deadline]

Saturday Night Franco: These need no introduction, because Franco:

Jeffrey Donovan Heads to Fargo — and So Might Ron Swanson?: Yes, that’s right — casting is underway for the second installment in FX’s anthology series, Fargo, and this season’s casting is just as delightfully unexpected as last season, so far. First up is Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan, who has apparently already signed onto the series. But the more exciting and “oh my gosh this is so PERFECT!” casting possibility? Ron mothereffing Swanson, you guys. Apparently the series’ creator wants Nick Offerman for the role of Carl (whoever that is). Obviously this has to happen. [The Wrap]

12 Monkeys, Those Funky Monkeys: Hey, look! That Syfy remake of the movie with the same name, 12 Monkeys, just wrapped shooting yesterday and in celebration (or timing kismet), the network released the poster for the series. Uh oh! Ominous scary things lie ahead. [Entertainment Weekly]

Agent Carter Gets Doubled: Want to know a very exciting thing about a very exciting show that we’re very excited about? (Is that enough overdone hyperbole for ya? We just have so MANY FEELINGS1) The premiere episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter — coming Tuesday, January 6th to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D‘s timeslot while they’re on a winter break — will be not one hour long but TWO! Gee, golly, gosh and willikers. [Marvel]

Michelle Forbes Has Powers: It takes a HECK of a lot of gumption to pull off a latex suit like this. Thankfully, Admiral Cain (woops sorry, Michelle Forbes) has that sort of confidence in spades. Slated to play Retro Girl in PlayStation’s first original scripted series, Powers, this icon of justice and general badassery is constantly putting herself at risk for the good of others. And yes — the show is based on the comic book series. So far all we know about how the series will play out is this: it follows the two homicide cops (Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward) who handle the cases surrounding these be-superpowered types as they roam about the regular world like the rest of us normies and sometimes get up to no good. Oh, oh and — here’s a bonus image! Eddie Izzard as Wolfe. There’s more at the source, though, if you want ’em. [Entertainment Weekly]

Fox and The Lonely Island Team Up: The boys that built Saturday Night Live‘s digital shorts golden era (a/k/a the Andy Samberg years) have teamed up with the network to craft some fine-lookin’ comedy programming for your eye holes. The slate of programming is called “Party Over Here” and features some super-good-times-lookin’ stuff. Liiiiiiiike: The Tyler Zone (a series starring Danny Pudi involving supernatural occurrences in a small town — um yes please; Neal Brennan’s Home For The Weekend (a mockumentary about celebrities going back home); and Topics with Andre Hyland (a man-on-the-street style comedy series — with zany characters interacting with real people). So get ready for that!

COSIMA LIVES!: You guys! We already told you about Orphan Black‘s latest Clone Club members to join the third season cast, but now — at last! — we’ve got a deeper look at it all. Lost Girl actress Ksenia Solo tweeted a photo of herself and Tatiana Maslany on set on Wednesday, both decked out in their finest “Cosima Niehaus” and “Shay,” that “soulful and compassionate holistic healer with a great sense of humor.” The duo actually acted together back in 2004 on the Canadian series

And JUUUUUST because we love a wee trip down memory lane here’s a photo of them together when they were (to use a Helena-ism) bebies together on that show!

Steven Weber Heads to the Hollow: Yeah, that’s right, the male equivalent of Crazy Eyes (I mean, have you seen him?), Steven Weber, is slated to play Thomas EFFING Jefferson on Sleepy Hollow because of COURSE HE IS. Oh Steven Weber never change you ol’ scallywag, you! [TVLine]

So — anyone else positively buzzing with excitement over all of this stuff? Let’s dissect it ALL (yes, all of it!) in the comments.

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