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TV-Cap: New THE X-FILES Trailer Shows the Truth is Still Out There

Depending on what time you disconnected yesterday, you might have missed the exciting news: the first trailer for The X-Files revival is here! Can you name a better way to start a Tuesday? I can’t. Go forth and read today’s TV-Cap so you can watch that X-Files trailer, learn plot and character details for season four of Orphan Black, get the scoop on how Slipknot’s Corey Taylor will appear on Doctor Who, and more.

A Reunion. It’s finally here! The first trailer for The X-Files revival reunites Fox Mulder and Dana Scully and also features Skinner and the cigarette man. It’s all very exciting, and not just because of a lit cigarette in someone’s hand being shown on television. Do you think Mulder really knows what he’s doing? The X-Files returns to Fox on January 24. [Nerdist]

Coming Out. After 27 seasons, The Simpsons is finally making it official: Smithers is coming out as gay. Showrunner Al Jean told TVLine the reveal will unfold across two episodes, and it will come as a surprise to Mr. Burns even though most of the rest of us are already in the loop. I like seeing this sort of change after this many years. [Nerdist]

The State of Gordon. Gotham is only a couple of episodes into its second season, but it’s already showing a different side. They’re taking the “Rise of the Villains” tagline seriously, but the season is also about how Jim Gordon deals with his actions as well as the new threats. Our very own Sydney talked with Gotham executive producer Bruno Heller about Gordon’s struggles. Read the complete interview right over here.

Goodbye, Mystic Falls. The small town of Mystic Falls has attracted every kind of weird happening you can imagine since it became the home of the Salvatores. But, in season seven of The Vampire Diaries, it might be time for Stefan and Damon to move on. A new poster shows the brothers exiting town with the tagline “Heartbreak is eternal.” Ruh-roh — we know what happens to Damon when he’s heartbroken. Season seven will premiere on October 8. [TVLine, Image: The CW]

Every Speedster. The Flash’s Candice Patton (Iris West) recently appeared on a panel at Wizard World Nashville and hinted that it might not be long before Wally West makes his super speed-enhanced appearance. She said, “Wally is coming. Keiynan Lonsdale who’s been cast to play him is a great Australian actor. We’re really excited to have him. He’s not there yet so we don’t know much about what kind of role Wally will take in season two, but I’m sure it’ll be good. We’ll end up having three Flashes on one season, which is really amazing, if you think about it. Jay, Barry Allen, and Wally West.” Yes, yes it is amazing. Bring on all The Flashes. [Nerdist]

A Familiar Scream. When Fisher King, a giant green alien, appears on this Saturday’s Doctor Who, he’ll have a unique sound. Neil Fingleton is wearing the costume, Peter Serafinowicz is voicing the character, and Corey Taylor of Slipknot is providing his recognizable screams to add a scary touch. [Mirror]

The Green Arrow. Oliver Queen’s transition from Arrow to Green Arrow in The CW’s Arrow has been slow, but that’s made it work. Promos for the upcoming fourth season have shown others calling Ollie by his new name, but a clip from the Philippines gives us the first instance of hearing Oliver use the name for himself. It’s about 55 seconds into the video. [Comic Book Resources]

Being Pulled Apart. Season four of Orphan Black started production on September 28, and BBC America isn’t making us wait for details on the next season. Those details are making me nervous. Sarah will be diving into Beth Child’s past, including tracking down a new ally. This will lead her into a dangerous relationship. Also, Ari Millen will appear as a new Castor clone, and Joel Thomas Hynes will guest star. Read more about Orphan Black’s fourth season at Nerdist.

The Truth. What happened in Camelot to turn Emma into the Dark One? The season five premiere of Once Upon a Time saw her make a drastic switch and cast a curse to erase everyone’s memories. A sneak peek for the next episode, “The Price,” has Emma explaining the reality of the situation to Henry and Regina. It comes down to this: Storybrooke is basically screwed since there is no longer a Savior. [TV Fanatic]

Fly the Zombie Skies. AMC has made it official: a Fear the Walking Dead spinoff is headed to the web. Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will premiere on October 4 and takes place around the same time as the new show. The passengers on board the flight will realize one of the infected is among them, but at least one of them will make it out alive and become a series regular when Fear the Walking Dead returns for season two. [Nerdist, Image: AMC]

Did The X-Files trailer give you goose bumps? Head to the comments and tell me about your reaction to the new footage.

Featured Image: Fox



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