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TV-Cap: New STAR TREK Series Beams Up Nicholas Meyer

It’s another Monday, but this week, you’re probably still feeling the warm post-Oscars glow (read our complete list of winners). If you’re lucky, you’re feasting upon Oscars party leftovers. Whatever you’re up to, take a break from the world of cinema to visit the small screen. Today’s TV-Cap has news about Nicholas Meyer coming to the next Star Trek series, Yoda returning on Star Wars Rebels, a teaser for season two of Fear the Walking Dead, and more.

Best Consultant. CBS’ upcoming Star Trek series has jumped into warp speed because Nicholas Meyer will serve as consulting producer and staff writer. Who’s Nicholas Meyer? You know, director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and director/writer of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. In other words, he knows a couple of things about Star Trek. [Nerdist]

It’s a Trap! Thursday’s Legends of Tomorrow will see the crew of the Waverider leap into trouble when they answer a distress call from another timeship. Why is it trouble? Well, time pirates are waiting for them. Yep. Time pirates. We live in glorious times, friends. [Nerdist]

Replacements. House of Cards creator Beau Willimon stepped down from his showrunner role for the fifth season, and Netflix has named his replacements. Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese will be taking the reins. By the way, House of Cards returns to Netflix with season four on March 4. [Slashfilm]

Dad Voice. Disney XD’s Guardians of the Galaxy animated series has cast the role of J’Son, the father of Star-Lord–remember, the animated series is separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. J’Son will be voiced by none other than Jonathan Frakes. [Nerdist]

Zombies on a Beach. The water isn’t safe. Walkers are everywhere and anywhere in season two of Fear the Walking Dead. If you thought getting on a boat and fleeing to sea was a good option, you’re wrong. You’d better update your zombie preparedness plan just in case. Do so before Fear the Walking Dead comes back to AMC with season two on April 10. [IGN]

A Seasoned Vet. CBS has recruited Bill Paxton for their Training Day pilot. Their series is set after the events of the 2001 film. Paxton is slated to play a veteran LAPD cop named Frank Rourke. Unsurprisingly, he’s not thrilled about being the mentor to a new a trainee (said trainee hasn’t been cast yet). [Variety]

Xena-rrific Update. Did you wake up today wondering, “Hey, what’s the latest on the Xena reboot?” If so, you’re in luck because Javier Grillo-Marxuach has recently shared an update on the status of the project and all sorts of other goodies at Tumblr. Read all the FAQs at Grillo-Marxuach’s blog.

Yoda’s Back. The next episode of Star Wars Rebels sees the return of Yoda, and the return of Frank Oz as Yoda. Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka visit the Jedi Temple on Lothal to search for answers. The setting gives Ahsoka the chance to talk about the past–she discusses her memories of Yoda in the above clip–and Yoda appears to Ezra. [Nerdist]

Meet Veronica. The CW’s adaptation of the Archie Comics universe, Riverdale, has found its resident socialite, Veronica Lodge. The key character will be played by newcomer Camila Mendes. [Comic Book Resources]

The Challenges. With Once Upon a Time approaching 100 episodes, it’s time to get all thoughtful about the past. TVLine was at the party celebrating the 100th episode milestone and asked the cast about their most emotionally or physically difficult scenes. Episode 100 will air on ABC on March 6. [TVLine]

Are you more excited about the Star Trek series given Nicholas Meyer’s involvement? What do you think about Yoda coming back to Star Wars Rebels? Talk to me in the comments.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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