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TV-Cap: New ORPHAN BLACK and DAREDEVIL Teasers, and More

Let’s send out the week properly, shall we? In this rare case, “properly” doesn’t mean “with a pint.” It means, “by tossing back the highlights in the world of television news from the last 24 hours.” Look, I can’t buy all of you drinks, so this is the best I can do. Check out today’s TV-Cap to see a new trailer for season four of Orphan Black, to view an older Oliver Queen from Legends of Tomorrow, to watch a season two promo for Daredevil, and to learn about the latest pirate coming to Once Upon a Time.

Avast! Another pirate is swimming into Once Upon a Time’s fifth season: Captain Silver. Costas Mandylor has been cast in the role, and the character apparently has some history with Killian Jones. [ET Online]

Tangled Up. Well, this doesn’t look promising. A brief tease for the next season of Netflix’s Daredevil has the Man Without Fear all chained up—presumably captured by the Punisher. I don’t know which of them to put my money on, but I have until season two arrives on March 18 to figure it out. [Nerdist, Image: Netflix]

Kim’s Antiques #gilmoregirls #gilmoregirlsrevival #starshollow #gilmoregirlsreunion #warnerbrosstudios by @chri_stuff

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By @tschan #gilmoregirls #gilmoregirlsrevival #starshollow #gilmoregirlsreunion #netflix #warnerbrosstudios #warnerbros

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Insert La La Music Here. Per filming of the Gilmore Girls revival, the Warner Bros. lot has been transformed into Stars Hollow. If you take a studio tour, you might catch glimpses of the small town. Several people have and they’ve been posting their photos on social media. Looking at the pics makes me feel all sorts of giddy. I might have to go on a studio tour soon. See more pictures of Stars Hollow at TVLine and Laist.

An Outsider. FX’s Legion has added another cast member in a series regular role. Newcomer Jeremie Harris will play Ptonomy. “Stand-offish and sardonic,” Ptonomy was a child prodigy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Could It Be? Hold onto your socks because Happy Endings could make a return.  When ET asked Casey Wilson about the possibility of a revival, she said people have expressed interest and a private investor even offered to pay for a movie. But nothing’s come about yet so don’t hold your breath. [ETOnline]

Face Fur. When Ben McKenzie was cast as Jim Gordon on Gotham, I saw a ton of complaints about him not having a mustache. He has time to grow it out later, guys! You can get an idea of what he’ll look like with a ‘stache though because McKenzie appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and tried on a few different styles of lip fur. [Comic Book Resources]

Back to the Beginning. To find the answers she needs, Sarah is going backwards in season four of Orphan Black. A new trippy teaser shows glimpses of the past and the future and drops news about the show moving to Thursday nights. The next season will debut on April 14. [Nerdist, Image: Space Channel/BBC America]

In the Future. Legends of Tomorrow crashed into Star City 2046 in Thursday night’s episode. They find plenty amiss in the city, including an older Oliver Queen with a goatee and a missing left arm. It’s a nod to the Dark Knight Returns, and I have to say it looks damn cool. Older Ollie will appear in next week’s Legends. [Coming Soon, Images: Stephen Amell]

About Last Night. Thursday night television features all sorts of excitement. Enjoy your favorite moments again by reading our recaps of the season four premiere of Vikings and the latest eps of The 100 and Legends of Tomorrow.

How do you interpret the new Orphan Black trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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