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TV-Cap: New Images for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, THE FLASH Season 2 Key Art, and More

We’re sliding into fall television season, and it means the coming weeks will be loaded with photos, key art, and plot teases. Bring. It. On. In that department, check out today’s TV-Cap to see key art from Season 2 of The Flash, images from American Horror Story: Hotel, a cute promo for The Muppets, and more.

Back to Back. The Muppets are returning to ABC on September 22, and they’re returning in a way we’re not used to seeing them. They’re starring in a mockumentary with more of an adult tone. Anyway, a new promo pushes their Tuesday night time slot between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fresh Off the Boat, and when Clark Gregg shows up, he manages to make things awkward. [Comic Book Resources]

A Postponement. The Season 1 finale of Mr. Robot was supposed to air last night, August 26, but the episode of the USA Network series has been pushed to September 2. The story features a graphic on-camera shooting that was too much like the actual on-air shooting of television reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward that occurred yesterday in Virginia. Out of respect, the show wanted to give fans some breathing room. [/Film]

The Bar Is Open. Fox’s pilot for the television adaptation of Urban Cowboy (so help me, I’m not making that sentence up) has filled in a few important slots. They chose Alfonso Herrera to play lead Kyle a little while ago, and now, they’ve wrangled Jim Belushi. He’ll play Houston bar owner Marshall Stoval. [Deadline]

Hello, Hotel Guests. The next installment of the anthology series American Horror Story is called Hotel, and Season 5 of the FX series will make its way into your dreams and nightmares beginning on October 7. Several cast members from previous seasons are returning to mingle with new faces at the Hotel Cortez. Entertainment Weekly recently shared photos of the principal cast members, and everyone is looking elegant–especially Lady Gaga (she plays the owner of the hotel). You’ll also spot realtor Marcy in the photos; the character first appeared Season 1 when she sold the Harmons the Murder House. And hey, series creator Ryan Murphy said we’ll be visiting the Murder House in one episode. View more cast photos right this way.

A Big, Bad Inhuman. Now that the Inhumans are in the picture on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., at least one more of them is joining the cast–and probably a lot more than one thanks to that pesky fish oil. Lash will appear in Season 3, and he’ll be played by Matthew Willig. The character is from the pages of Marvel Comics, and S.H.I.E.L.D. executive producer Jeff Bell told TVLine that they’ve been working with the same team who designed Raina’s makeup to come up with the look for Lash. As Willig clocks in at 6’8″ and over 300 pounds, you can be assured Lash will be quite the formidable foe for Coulson and his team. [TVLine]

Revisiting the World. When a series is successful and set in a world ripe for more stories, the appeal of creating a prequel, sequel, or spinoff has to be strong. It’s happened recently with both Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, and it could happen with Sons of Anarchy. A spinoff of the drama is in very early development stages at FX. Kurt Sutter would executive produce the new project which according to Variety, would be set in Northern California and focus on the Mayans motorcycle crew. [Variety]

No Time to Stop. The CW has released fancy key art for Season 2 of The Flash, and it’s all kinds of pretty. It looks like something right out of a comic book–oh, wait. [Give Me My Remote]

Playing with Zombies. Player Piano knows how to tackle renditions of television themes in style, and in their latest video, they turn their instruments to The Walking Dead. Part music tribute, part mini fan film, the video is haunting and of course shows off Sonya Belousova’s serious musical chops. [Nerdist]

On Target. Once Upon a Time has visited a long list of fairy tales in the last four seasons, and they’re continuing that tradition in Season 5. They’re bringing in Merida from Brave, King Arthur, and wrestling with a new story focused on Emma. A new promo briefly teases all of the upcoming plot points, and I have to say that it looks exciting. [TV Fanatic]

Heaven & Hell. The Winchesters never catch a break. Sometimes I wish they’d get an episode off in Supernatural but really, watching Sam and Dean sitting around and fishing or something might not make for the most riveting entertainment. They’ll be facing the Darkness in Season 11. The threat predates the Bible, and the brothers might have to turn to the likes of Lucifer and/or God to stop it. Read what Jared Padalecki had to say on the subject.

What are you most looking forward to about American Horror Story: Hotel? Let me know in the comments.

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